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2020 Class of Women in Auto Finance

Michelle Jackson Selected as 2020 Women in Automotive Finance Honoree
Used Car Weekly Announces 2020 class of Women in Auto Finance

Cherokee Media’s Auto Fin Journal in conjunction with Used Car Week 2020 has selected Michelle Jackson, Advantage Automotive Analytics Vice President of Sales as an honoree for the 2020 class of Women in Automotive Finance.

For over 15 years, Jackson has assisted automotive finance and buy here-pay here professionals protect their vehicle assets and improve their finance portfolios by providing the hardware, software, and sophisticated analytics they generate to recover and remarket vehicle assets quickly and efficiently.

The Women in Auto Finance Award, now in its third year, has selected the nation’s top female executives in the automotive finance industry to showcase their leadership and honor their contributions to the industry.  As a program honoree, Jackson will be featured in a special section of the September/October edition of the Auto Fin Journal, a business intelligence magazine for automotive and auto fintech executives, and recognized as an honoree during the Used Car Week conference later this fall.

Jackson joined Advantage Automotive Analytics in 2017 as executive sales director and took the helm as vice president of sales in November 2019. Advantage uses the industry’s most sophisticated hardware, software, and proprietary data analytics to give automotive finance professionals a real-time risk overview of their specific portfolios using artificial intelligence which generates predictive analytics.

“Michelle has been a tremendous asset to our company,” said David Meyer, president of Advantage Automotive Analytics. “Her leadership has resulted in improved sales and enhanced brand recognition, has created a team culture that encourages excellence and provides women opportunities and support.”

Early in her career, Jackson supported a 200-person call center while securing new business partnerships within the automotive sector. Her industry knowledge and leadership skills along with her ability to establish strong connections with her customers is what caught the attention of several of the nation’s leading automotive analytics and GPS firms.

“This is a tremendous honor,” Jackson said. “Every day we look to forge new relationships, building on what we have learned and skills we’ve developed. This award is a testament to the hard work of our team and senior leadership, which has given women here a chance to showcase their skills.”

Jackson said the automotive finance industry is male-dominated, and had some advice for young women moving up in the business.

“You will be surrounded by men and you must have thick skin,” Jackson said. “Learn the company culture and adapt to fit in.  Like it or not, this industry was founded by men and chances are a man has helped or influenced you along the way. Be grateful for that and don’t ignore it.  If you see an opportunity – go for it. Don’t ever second guess yourself. 

About Advantage Automotive Analytics

Advantage provides GPS technology and data mining innovations that empower BHPH dealers and vehicle finance companies to make smarter, faster and more profitable business decisions. Specifically designed for the automotive lender market, the Advantage risk mitigation solution was conceived by the pioneers of automotive telematics, Procon Analytics. Advantage serves more than 4,000 automotive lenders with over 1M connections across the country and we collect 900M data points every day. The Advantage promise to our clients is no red tape. We deliver personalized service and support from our dedicated team of professionals.


Michelle Jackson - Executive Sales Director - Advantage GPS

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