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Tired of Logging into Multiple GPS Systems?

Maybe you already have a GPS provider. Perhaps, a couple or even a few. When it’s time to check in on your devices, you’re forced to type in multiple URLs, log in and out of multiple systems, and waste a ton of time that could be spent on more important aspects of your business – like financing more auto loans.

We get it. And we’ve heard it from numerous vehicle finance companies when we bring them on board here at Advantage GPS. To avoid adding yet another URL and time waster to the list, or feeling stuck with a provider that has outdated technology, or inferior data security or even poor customer service, why not switch to a more forward-thinking technology partner like Advantage GPS?

Our Pioneers Built Accordingly

As a Procon Analytics company, Advantage GPS provides a solution that was conceived, engineered and designed by the original pioneers of GPS technology.

We knew from the start that system hopping was a hindrance. And being trapped to a provider running on antiquated technology was holding auto lenders back from improving their risk mitigation efforts.

So, we created a way to give dealers and vehicle finance companies the freedom to embrace their GPS system of choice. Starting with a nimble, scalable platform that can be expanded and adapted based on the needs of our customers and industry changes, we designed our patent-pending feature, All Access.

With All Access, our customers can access, view and seamlessly manage all of their GPS devices from within the Advantage GPS app, regardless of the brand or provider. You’ll enter a single URL instead of multiple URLs to access all your GPS devices, and more importantly, you’ll reclaim hours of wasted time.

One URL, One System, Every Device

Once you have All Access set up with a little help from our team, the landing page within the Advantage dashboard gives you access to basic device information that’s currently being hosted by your other GPS provider or providers, including:

  • Device Name
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial
  • Stock Number
  • And VIN

While you’ll be able to check in on every device in your portfolio, actions will still need to be performed on the original provider’s app. But don’t worry, we even made this easy for you.

From within our app, you can just click on a device, and we’ll take you directly over to the provider’s site to manage that device further.

Switch and You’ll Never Have to Settle

Of course, it goes beyond making it easier for dealers and vehicle finance companies to switch over to Advantage GPS while staying connected to devices from other providers. Along with greater flexibility and convenience, lenders can:

  • Tap into a risk mitigation dashboard powered by artificial intelligence & 4G LTE technology
  • Instantly know where every vehicle asset is – no extra cost or big red locate button to push
  • Count on future-proof technology, designed to evolve, from the pioneers of GPS tracking

For more information about All Access and to finally set yourself free from that old school provider, get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you make the switch to Advantage GPS.

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