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ARA Referral Program

Introducing the Advantage GPS | ARA Referral Program

We are proud to partner with ARA serving the vehicle finance industry! As a valued partner, you deserve to be rewarded. Become an Advantage Referral and get a $100 gift card when your referral purchases 10 devices or more!

Here’s How It Works:

  • Fill out the ARA Referral form below
  • We’ll contact your referral
  • If they purchase 10 or more devices
  • We’ll send you a $100 Gift Card
  • Click here to see the terms and conditions

There’s no limit to the number of new customers you can refer!

Use the form below to start referring your customers:

Your information:

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Congratulations and thank you for your referral(s)!

You’ve opted into the Advantage ARA Referral Program. When one of your referrals purchases Advantage GPS devices and qualifies as a new Advantage customer, an Advantage Representative will contact you and send a $100 gift card.

If you have any questions, please contact your Advantage Account Representative.