The Pioneers of GPS Tracking are Back!

Mission: Improve outdated solution that continue to clutter the market.

With a rich heritage in the GPS tracking space, our leadership team includes the original pioneers who built one of the largest GPS businesses in the industry today. So, you can rest assured that we are more passionate than ever to win your business through updated, innovative technology and customer care.

We’re not just returning to the game – WE’RE REDEFINING IT!

Over the years, our leaders have also assembled a team of engineers, working in-house to build scalable hardware architecture and one of the most cutting edge software apps to help you manage all risks from one screen. Everything we create is designed to replace the outdated GPS technology currently on the market. All products are put to the test and proven to perform.

  • Designed by and for Auto Lenders
    4G Connectivity - GPS Tracking - Advantage GPS
  • Stable, scalable platform delivers tried-and-true reliability
  • Products are designed and developed in-house
  • Includes an interactive, analytical risk dashboard infused with Artificial Intelligence
  • Powered by a 4G LTE Cat-1 GPS tracking device – no extra cost
  • Plus, you can view and seamlessly connect to all of your GPS devices no matter the brand or provider using All Access

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Now serving over 900 vehicle finance companies with 400,000+ vehicles and growing daily. Advantage GPS is solving problems that auto lenders still face, and your current provider just can’t touch.

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