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The Pioneers of GPS Tracking are Back!

Mission: Improve outdated solution that continue to clutter the market.

We’re not just returning to the game – WE’RE REDEFINING IT!

Advantage protects every vehicle in your portfolio with powerful, advanced technology that provides faster speeds, expanded coverage and the accurate data insights you need for proactive risk management.

  • Designed by and for Auto Lenders
    4G Connectivity - GPS Tracking - Advantage GPS
  • Stable, scalable platform delivers tried-and-true reliability
  • Products are designed and developed in-house
  • Includes an interactive, analytical risk dashboard infused with Artificial Intelligence
  • Powered by a 4G LTE Cat-1 GPS tracking device – no extra cost
  • Plus, you can view and seamlessly connect to all of your GPS devices no matter the brand or provider using All Access

Now serving over 900 vehicle finance companies with 400,000+ vehicles and growing daily. Advantage GPS is solving problems that auto lenders still face, and your current provider just can’t touch.

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