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Background on Advantage Automotive Analytics
As former automotive retailers, marketers and technology innovators, our leadership understands the importance of CFSA and the value it provides to vehicle finance companies. We are proud to be a supporter and sponsor of CFSA. We are unique in the automotive industry, as our senior leaders have been steeped in automotive retail — Special Finance AND BHPH — as well as the finance business and automotive IoT.

Advantage Automotive Analytics is a high-tech automotive, customer-first organization, dedicated to connecting and protecting your valuable collateral with the industry most sophisticated hardware and software solutions. Our wired and wireless (battery-powered) platforms are continuously updated and improved. Key to the upgrades is our devotion to listening to the voice of our customers.

ARA Partnership

Advantage Automotive Analytics is working closely with ARA to build a culture of compliance. Our solution provides a portal to American Recovery Association recovery agents, who are certified, to collect your vehicle in the event of a default. Finding a certified collateral recovery specialist in your town, state, nearby state, or across the country can be a time consuming job, and when it comes to repos, time is definitely money. Having lists of recovery agents a mouse click away will help you mitigate your losses.

Our partnership delivers powerful risk mitigation tools and services that will give you peace of mind and assist you with making future funding decisions.

“We have used Advantage for a couple of years and have had nothing but EXCELLENT customer service!!!We have recommended and referred several other companies to Advantage and will continue to do so.”

Advantage Customer


Repo Industry Panel Discussion

Repo Industry Update Webinar

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Risk Mitigation Panelists

Bryan Schwarz - Host & Executive Sales Director - Advantage Automotive Analytics
Executive Sales Director, Advantage
Bryan Schwarz
Les McCook - Executive Director - American Recovery Association
Executive Director, ARA
Les McCook
Powerful Automotive Analytics

Advantage Solutions

Dashboard 200x200 - Advantage GPS
Interactive Dashboard

The Advantage interactive dashboard uses advanced technology to deliver high level and vehicle-specific, granular oversight of your automotive finance portfolio.

Wired Evo Tracking - NABD - Advantage

Our robust line of wired GPS products, Evo, has been a mainstay of our business model for many years. The Evo portfolio includes VIN Verify and Evo UL – eliminating renewals and monthly fees.

Revo 3.0 - GPS Hardware - Advantage GPS
Wireless Revo 3.0

The most-advanced battery technology on the market now powers Advantage’s family of new wireless Revo 3.0 devices.

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“I like the hands on customer service and the ability to have multiple and different products wired and wireless. Makes my job easier and the flexibility gives me options.”

Advantage GPS Customer