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Exploring Career Opportunities

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, finding a company that aligns with your values and offers a stimulating work environment is essential. Advantage Automotive Analytics stands out from the crowd by placing people at the heart of its operations. With a focus on innovation, respect, opportunity, customer-centricity, ownership, and a proactive approach, Advantage creates a workplace that fosters growth, collaboration, and personal development.

Our Core Values

People – Our Differentiating Factor
Advantage understands that technology alone cannot drive success; it’s the people who make a difference. From top leadership to entry-level employees, the company’s people-centric approach is evident. Leaders consistently seek ways to enhance the lives of employees, customers, partners, and the communities they serve. By prioritizing the well-being and development of its workforce, Advantage cultivates an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages innovation and growth.

Respect – The Golden Rule
Respect is deeply ingrained in Advantage’s culture. The company believes in treating others as they would like to be treated. By embracing the Golden Rule, Advantage fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect, open communication, and collaboration. Valuing diverse perspectives and ideas, employees are inspired by each other and learn from one another, leading to collective growth and success.

Opportunity – Fueling Growth and Innovation
At Advantage, every day is viewed as an opportunity to expand knowledge, advance the industry, and push boundaries. The company embraces challenges and sees them as chances to innovate. By providing ample opportunities for personal and professional development, Advantage nurtures a culture of continuous learning. Employees are encouraged to seize opportunities, take calculated risks, and think outside their comfort zones, resulting in breakthroughs that drive the company forward.

Customer-First Philosophy
Advantage doesn’t just pay lip service to customer-centricity; it lives and breathes it. The company is dedicated to understanding the unique challenges faced by its customers and finding innovative solutions to address them. Every decision and action revolve around the question, “How can we help our customers be better today and tomorrow?” By prioritizing customer needs, Advantage builds lasting partnerships and establishes itself as a trusted advisor in the vehicle finance industry.

Ownership – Learning from Mistakes
Mistakes are an inevitable part of growth and progress. Advantage embraces a culture of accountability, where employees take ownership of their actions and learn from their missteps. Encouraging a fearless environment, individuals are empowered to push the envelope, take calculated risks, and explore new ideas. Through this ownership mentality, Advantage fosters a culture of continuous improvement, driving both personal and organizational growth.

Now – Agility in Action
In today’s fast-paced business landscape, seizing the moment is crucial. Advantage understands the importance of agility and quick decision-making. The company excels at moving in real-time, leveraging opportunities as they arise. This sense of urgency is balanced with a vibrant and lighthearted atmosphere, where laughter and camaraderie create a positive work environment. While other companies ponder hypotheticals, Advantage is busy defining the future.

Advantage is seeking top-notch Executive Sales Directors and Bilingual Business Development Representatives in major markets around the country, including Knoxville, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Atlanta and more. If you’re ready to join a dynamic group of professionals and make a significant impact in the industry visit our career center.

Michelle Jackson - Vice President of Sales - Advantage GPS

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