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Evo Unlimited Results

Evo Unlimited Results in Everyone Winning

Every innovation, new product or service comes to market one of several ways.

The CEO or senior leadership of a company or start-up, or an entrepreneur has a climbed a mountain top and looked ahead and solved a problem or found something new they believe will be well-received by the marketplace. Senior leadership assembles a team and, in time, a new product or service is delivered to the marketplace.

Another way is a team member or department approaches their manager with an idea. The idea is shared at a meeting. That meeting results in research, product or service development, and, if favorable to the bottom line, the idea becomes reality and marketed.

The other way is a reversal of this. The marketplace, a company’s clients and prospects, ask for or demand a product or service that’s not yet available. The afore mentioned groups respond to consumer demands and produce a service or product that benefits them and makes the company a profit.

Once in a great while, a product is developed and released as a combination of all three ways. That is the case with the recent introduction of Advantage’s Evo Unlimited.

Over the years, as wired GPS products used to protect financed automotive collateral have become ubiquitous, users have asked about hardware that would fully protect collateral and mitigate financial risks with a “one-time fixed cost” without airtime fees or renewals.

Senior leadership here had envisioned such a product. Team members had approached their managers with the same idea. Every customer account manager here has listened to the same request from their clients and prospects.

Unlimited usage is great idea, and overdue. There are a number of reasons — financial, technical, practical — why unlimited use hasn’t been here before. Technological hurdles with both hardware and software had to be overcome. Technical, financial, and practical issues were ever present with cellular carriers. Their technology and policies limited what GPS providers could offer their clients.

Given the current economic climate, the timing couldn’t be better than now to introduce our newest innovation – Evo Unlimited. With Evo UL, our clients can now know what their costs are and what they will be over time.

Evo UL provides customers with unlimited connectivity through the life of the loan and beyond:

  • No Airtime Fees
  • No Renewals
  • No Month Fees – Ever!
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Countless Repos

Hassle-free Evo UL simplifies device management and helps our clients save time, effort, and money, and be able to do so profitably.

Sometimes innovation takes time. When leadership, team members, and the customer all get what they want and need, everyone wins. Call me and win with Evo UL!

Michelle Jackson - Vice President of Sales - Advantage GPS

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