Advantage GPS Puts Obsolete to Sleep

Advantage GPS provides vehicle finance companies with the most advanced GPS tracking and risk mitigation products and services. Below are some of the features that help customers gain valuable market insights:

AI Predictive Analytics

Recognizes and groups real-time data into risk categories, giving lenders an intelligent analytical overview of their risks

Interactive Dashboard

Drill-down into the data and proactively respond to risks before they affect your bottom line. Need a report? The Advantage dashboard analytics can be sent via email.

Top Stops

Lists frequently visited locations establishing a patterns for repossession

Tamper Alerts

Sends notifications whenever a device get removed or is tampered with

Ride Share Warnings

Keep track of vehicle mileage. Helps identify vehicles being used for ride sharing (Uber, Lyft)

Locate on Demand

Get an instant update for a vehicle’s latest location

All Access

Keep track of entire inventory, including devices purchased from other GPS providers

Rapid Repo Portal

Search database of  certified recovery specialists. Email link to recovery portal with detailed locations to facilitate repossession

Smart Impound Lot

Preset boundaries upon account set up. Add and delete local impound lots 

Intelligent Battery Management

Monitor inventory battery voltage and prevent long-term damage

Abandoned Vehicle Notification

Keep track of any vehicles that have not moved for 7+ days


Separate vehicle inventory and create users with access to specific vehicles

Device Transfer

Transfer device to another account instantly, both parties will receive confirmation

Geofences - Advantage GPS


Set up virtual boundaries to alert you when vehicles enters or exits certain areas

Simplified Risk Data APIs

Simplified risk data API integrations

4G LTE Hardware

Blazing fast future-proof technology on all our devices – 100% 4G since 2017

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