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With the safeguard rules in place,


Heightened privacy concerns make protecting your customers’ personal information paramount. The selection of your provider and GPS tracking solution holds unprecedented significance, particularly given the enforcement of new Safeguards Rule regulations that can have substantial repercussions.

Exercise caution when evaluating GPS fleet telematics systems that promise risk mitigation solutions for the vehicle finance industry. While these systems might provide you with a flood of driver and vehicle data, this information poses significant legal and operational risks.

FL Compliance Lock - Email Landing - Advantage GPSChoose a GPS solution custom-tailored for the vehicle finance industry. Enhance your security measures and preserve your customers’ rights with Advantage GPS. Connect with us today to fortify your data integrity and preserve customer trust.

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Interactive Dashboard

The Advantage interactive dashboard allows you to connect your customers to the Pulse connected car app. You will still have access to monitor vehicle throughout the term of the loan.

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Wired & Wireless Trackers

We offer a range of wired Evo GPS devices and self-powered Revo GPS devices that give you the hardware options you need to address your specific needs and control costs and cash flow.

Mobile App

The Advantage App provides instant access to real-time vehicle intelligence that keeps you connected to your vehicle. The App effortlessly allows you to monitor, locate, and protect your vehicle.