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Forget the Locate Button

Are You Still Pushing a Button?

When it comes to your vehicle locates, pushing a big red button is often touted by other GPS companies as a benefit. But that requires manual intervention and maybe even an extra charge on your bill. Here at Advantage GPS, we believe locates should be automatic. Most importantly, they shouldn’t cost a vehicle finance company one single dime extra. After all, that’s what we’re in the business of providing, fast and accurate vehicle locates to help protect your entire loan portfolio. And that’s exactly what you get when you use Advantage GPS.

How does it work? As soon as customers log into the Advantage GPS system, the interactive dashboard provides customers with a real-time analytical overview of their risks, grouped by category. Without having to press that big red button or potentially incur extra fees, the dashboard enables you to immediately see what’s going on with every vehicle and if there are any issues that might require your attention. If needed, you can then take instant action to mitigate those risks, protect your assets and then get on with your day.

What makes it possible? Without archaic, legacy platforms to work around, we’ve been able to develop next generation technology like building artificial intelligence (AI) into the design of our risk assessment dashboard. With AI, our system is able to collect and process the large amounts of data that it receives from installed devices. All of this information is then translated into real-time analytics and grouped by designated risk categories. And that’s exactly what you see when you log in.

But wait, there’s more. We realize that inquiring minds always want to know more. So, we also made sure that our interactive dashboard offered full drill-down capabilities that allow you to pinpoint and isolate potential risks for even faster risk resolutions. Let’s take a quick look at just a few features that you’ll have at your fingertips when using the Advantage GPS dashboard:

  • Custom Alerts & Warnings – If you were wondering, the answer is yes, we give you the power to customize alerts that make sense for how you operate. Know if a car battery is running low so you can protect your device connection by having a customer to come in for service, or receive a warning if a unit hasn’t reported in a few days. Lots of options, so load up your dashboard.
  • Tamper-Proof Device – Get an alert for an improper install before an asset even drives off the lot – then keep tabs on it to make sure it doesn’t get disable or completely removed. If you do get an alert, you can take action immediately.
  • Vehicle Usage – According to Bloomberg, 90+ day auto defaults are surging, so there is a real chance that a vehicle may find its way back to your lot. Our dashboard allows you to protect the future value of each vehicle by keeping your eye on excessive use, even possible commercial use such as ridesharing (Uber or Lyft), deliveries or other potential high-mileage enterprises.
  • Recovery – We’ve made our workflow intuitive, ensuring a smoother and more painless process if and when recovery is absolutely necessary. You’ll know where the asset is located, where it’s most likely might be headed throughout the day and where to send your recovery agents.
  • Automated Impound Notifications – While other GPS tracking companies might require you to set these up on your own, the Advantage GPS system already knows where 17,000+ lots are located throughout the U.S. and has pre-set alerts for you. You can add or delete locations on the fly. You’ll get a notification if an asset enters and be able to take action before fees start adding up.
  • Groups – For franchise dealers with more than one lot or large-volume, multi-dealer lenders, groups can be designated for quick and easy viewing. You can even drill down to vehicles within those specific locations and monitor dashboard stats for each one independently.
  • Advanced Reporting – We’ve also added insights such as your top-100 most recent vehicles to report, as well as timestamps for the most recent stop events on all vehicles, and data insights for custom groups. It’s the easy way to keep a finger on the pulse of every vehicle in your portfolio.

Now, see it in action! With the latest 4G LTE and AI technologies integrated into our platform, we’ve not only changed the game but changed the rules of play. It’s no longer about pushing a big red button. At Advantage GPS, we believe you deserve better. So, get in touch and come see why hundreds of dealers and vehicle finance companies have already made the switch. We’re here to give you the upper hand.

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