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Have you forgotten what happened when the 2G network began to sunset? GPS devices started to slow down and even stop reporting in pockets around the country – at first. Remember what came next? Lost assets, increased risk. The same thing is happening with EVDO, CDMA and 3G right now. And if your GPS provider is telling you that they have a letter from the carrier, beware and make sure you know all the facts!

CDMA, EVDO and 3G technologies will soon be obsolete – are you prepared?

The global LTE race is on! Knowing what the carriers are doing can help you build the right game plan:

  • Verizon is pushing to be the first U.S. based, full LTE network, thus an aggressive CDMA, EVDO and 3G sunset date of December 31, 2019. New device activations have already ceased and some rural areas already going dark. (Source: Android Headlines) This affects carriers using Verizon’s towers for roaming too!
  • T-Mobile’s CTO Neville Ray, has expressed his desire to sunset 3G in 2019. (Source: PC MAG)
  • The AT&T window for sunset is longer – the end of 2021. However, they have already stopped certifying new 3G parts and by the end of 2018, will no longer issue SIM cards for 3G devices. (Source: AT&T)
  • While Sprint is yet to make any official announcement, may be merging with T-Mobile and are more focused on launching 5G which likely means less focus on EVDO, 3G and older technology. (Source: The Verge)

Now’s the time to eliminate the guesswork and make sure you’re protected. Move to 4G LTE with Advantage GPS today! We’ve been 100% 4G LTE since 2017.

Switch to 4G LTE now – find out why

Switching to 4G LTE technology is the best way to ensure your valuable assets are protected today and into the future. Advantage GPS has been shipping FCC certified 4G LTE devices at no extra charge since 2017. With 4G, you get better coverage, better performance and better power management.

Network providers don’t turn off bandwidth and access points like switching off a light. They’ve already starting to gradually turn off access in some areas. Your vehicle connections will begin to lag and eventually go down. Some will be fine one day and gone the next. Because there is no predictable schedule for where and when the services will decline, making the move to 4G LTE now is the only way to avoid disruption.

Is your outdated GPS provider putting your business at risk?


  • First, it’s important to be clear about what your current provider is selling you. If they are pushing EVDO, CDMA or 3G for new deployments, I would be concerned.
  • Check your airtime agreements going forward to make sure you’re not being duped into paying for services beyond the sunset dates.
  • Ask your provider if they know ahead of time when the sunset will affect your area.

As a leading automotive technology provider, we have been talking with all the major carriers throughout North America and monitoring what is happening with CDMA, EVDO and 3G technology. We can tell you, now is the time to switch to 4G LTE.

Many of our customers switched from their outdated service providers so they could partner with a progressive technology company who always has their back. Advantage GPS been shipping FCC certified 4G LTE devices since December 2017 – at no additional cost.

We are on a mission to eliminate outdated technology and that’s why we ship 100% 4G LTE devices nationwide.

How critical is it to switch to 4G LTE now?

If you do nothing, you’ll eventually find yourself in a panic as entire sections of your city or state lose CDMA, EVDO and 3G and you start losing thousands of dollars in assets.

In fact, here’s a cautionary tale from the 2G sunset from 2016, “When AT&T turned off its network, about 70 percent of the buses and trains in the San Francisco rapid transit system suddenly disappeared from maps. It took several weeks to upgrade all the legacy devices.” (Source: Hologram)

Instead of waiting until a decision is made for you, make a plan today to upgrade your current installation base and avoid any costly disruptions. All you need to do is call Advantage GPS. We’ll walk you through assessing inventory and how to upgrade to 4G LTE with us. Best of all, we’re not going to charge you a penny more for premium connectivity.

Is Advantage GPS shipping 4G devices today?

Yes. Advantage GPS was the first and we believe the only provider to date to ship FCC certified 4G LTE devices at no additional costs beginning in 2017. We have well over 100,000 4G LTE devices active in the country today!

Customers who switched to Advantage GPS, have experienced great performance results throughout North America with Evo GPS powered by 4G LTE technology. Our wire-free Revo tracking devices are also 100% 4G LTE. You can rest assured that our 4G LTE devices will keep you connected to your vehicle assets with no interruptions. It’s simply the most advanced technology available, giving you a true mobile broadband experience that’s up to 10x faster. With expanded coverage across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Advantage GPS customers are armed with the most advanced risk mitigation solution available on the market today.

Don’t forget to ask what your current provider is shipping you! TIP: The FCC ID is required to be labeled on every device. You can simply verify it’s 4G LTE by visiting the federal website at

Do 4G LTE devices cost more?

It depends on who you partner with. Most of the other guys are charging a premium price for 4G LTE tracking devices. Not us!

With over 100,000+ active 4G LTE devices in the marketplace today, Advantage GPS offers the most advanced technology at no up-charge. And no, we’re not selling at a loss to gain new business. It’s actually all about volume. First, we get volume discounts on our “cost of goods sold” (COGS). Instead of putting this cash into our pockets, we’re keeping it in yours. We also design and develop products in-house instead of outsourcing. And we foster close partnerships with vendors and negotiate the best possible deals for our customers.

Now’s the time to get the best risk mitigation solution and technology for the best value.

How can I future-proof my GPS tracking solution?

Technology will never stop evolving. If you are sticking with a provider that’s struggling to keep up with 4G LTE or worse yet, charging a premium price for it, it’s only going to get worse. The sure sign of this is when they tell you CDMA, EVDO and 3G devices for new deployments are still good enough. They no longer are.

Now, what happens when you take the pioneers of GPS tracking and unleash them from old legacy patchwork? You get Advantage GPS and a team focused on eliminating outdated technology. We are continually innovating to provide every customer with the most reliable products and comprehensive features available. We want to disrupt the market because that is the only way to replace some of the old technology and the larger providers who have become stuck in bureaucracy.

If you want to future-proof the technology in your business, allow us to provide you with seamless transitions into future of GPS tracking and automotive analytics.

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The End is Near for CDMA, EVDO and 3G …

Are you are ready?4G LTE Since 2017 - No Extra Cost - Advantage GPS

Find peace of mind with Advantage GPS. Our growth has been explosive because we have gone to great lengths and expense to deliver the best possible 4G LTE coverage to support our 1,000+ customers with over 500,000 connections coast-to-coast. Some experts are saying that 4G LTE technology for IoT connections could have a life expand similar to 2G – that was 16 years!

Bottom line, Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics is focused on solving the problems that auto lenders face and current providers just can’t touch. We’ve assembled the best team of engineers to build scalable hardware architecture specifically designed to replace the outdated GPS technology cluttering the market. And all products are put to the test and proven to perform.

We’re invested in helping you, and we’re dedicated to the industry for decades to come; through 4G, 5G and beyond! If you’re ready to secure your assets with the most powerful solution in the market, call us: 1-800-553-7031.