Device Features,
Services & Experience
Wired DevicesThe Revo 3000Your Advantage
Cost to put GPS tracker in a vehicle



The industry average is for installation is around $55
No extra cables and accessories to manageInventory management is easy with Revo!
Rapid Installation

> 30 minutes

< 5 minutes

Minimum wait time for the customer. No pre-loads needed.
Smart, flexible modes that change through vehicle lifeRevo is a smart device that provides regular updates and allows a dealer to shift modes if the loan status changes.
  • Discovery Mode gives a detailed history for the first 250 events.
  • Standby Mode reports a vehicle's location and health 2X a day and allows a dealer to change to Recovery Mode.
  • Recovery Mode reports a vehicle's movement and stop events, then automatically changes to Standby Mode after 7 days or 500 events.
Performance & Reliability

85% to 94%

99% to 100%

Installation is the #1 reason for device failures. With Revo, you activate and secure in vehicle - no cutting wires.
FCC Certified 4G LTERevo uses FCC certified 4G LTE technology. Did you know that most of our competitors have not yet switched to 4G? An industry leader still sells EVDO (which is 2G/3G).
Device Service PlanRevo does not have a monthly service plan. It delivers 3,000 events, a minimum of 3 years of life.
STIP Verification processRevo's "Discovery Mode" provides a detailed history for the first 250 events giving you predictive analytics for STIP verification.
Drive Reports

Revo Repo Mode provides a 5-minute breadcrumb trail when a vehicle is in motion.
Stop ReportsRevo provides stop and start reports in "Discovery" and "Recovery" modes. Standby mode delivers location updates every 11 1/2 hours.
Repo Mobile Tool

Revo uses Advantage's Recovery Workflow once the device is set to Repo Mode.
Daily Check InRevo reports 2X per day, allowing two opportunities for auto lenders to change modes as needed.
GeofencingProvides geofence violations support no matter what mode Revo is set to.
Tamper AlertRevo alerts auto lenders if someone removes the device from the vehicle. Reports within 5 seconds!
Battery Life Indicator

Revo provides the number of events left in its battery life.