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Back in 2007, I began working in the shipping and receiving department where I honed my ability to program and troubleshoot GPS devices. Two years later, I moved into sales where I steadily built a customer base of vehicle finance companies and car dealers. The people I represented remained loyal because Procon was truly dedicated to customer support and satisfaction.

And while Procon Analytics went through a transformation resulting in the rise of a spin off company with a different name and take on things, I always wanted to get back to the basics – service with a personal touch. Because the relationships I created with my base were more than just meeting a quota.

Now, the original team and the founders of Procon Analytics have recently reunited and introduced the latest advancement in automotive analytics, Advantage GPS. Together, we’ve established a culture focused on helping our customers succeed. There’s no red tape, just a genuine team effort to provide the best possible risk mitigation solution for each and every customer. Around here, you’re not a number on a sales graph, but a member of our family.

That’s why I’m excited to talk to you today about Advantage GPS. I know that if you’re in the vehicle finance industry and working with consumers who are credit-challenged, protecting your bottom line is crucial. Integrating tools like GPS risk mitigation software can help you know what’s going on with each of your assets and what risks you’re facing so that you can make smart decisions and take immediate action.

This need for proactive tools and high risk insights is what we heard from our vehicle finance customers as we began developing the industry’s next level automotive analytics solution, Advantage GPS. By working closely with our customers, we were not only able to develop the predictive analytics around the events that typically raise concerns, but we also integrated them into an interactive dashboard that delivers real-time analytics all at a glance that customers can drill down into for more details. It’s one of a kind!

Interactive GPS Tracking Dashboard - Advantage GPS

Through this dashboard, Big Data from your vehicle assets is distilled down using predictive analytics that enable you to assess risks and take action right away. It’s everything you need to be proactive, all in one place. No time-consuming research or head-scratching numbers for you to decipher on your own. So, when we say that the next evolution in risk mitigation has arrived, you can believe it.

To learn more about Advantage GPS, please contact me at 1-800-553-7031 or fill out the form below and we’ll walk you through the latest advancements in technology that can help you protect your assets and sell even more cars – worry free.

– Brendan Schwarz

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