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Looking Back – 2018 NIADA Conference

The NIADA Convention & Expo was Amazing!

As we reflect back on our experience at the NIADA conference in Orlando, it reaffirms how important and valuable face-to-face interactions are in this digital world.

We’d like to express our gratitude for all the attendees who stopped by the Advantage GPS booth, chatted with our leadership team and took the time to learn more about who we are and what we do. We also want to acknowledge the NIADA and NABD teams for putting together a great, first-ever consolidated meeting.

Advantage GPS Booth 2018 It’s conferences like this that energize our entire team. At the show, we were able to get a better look at the industry landscape and discover more about the challenges automotive dealers and lenders are currently facing. Even better, our team was able to talk with a number of customers to get their feedback on the Advantage GPS tracking solution so that we can continue to evolve our system to meet their needs.

And of course, it was also a pleasure to welcome new dealers and automotive lenders who made the switch and joined our Advantage GPS family! Thank you for putting your trust in us.

Getting the Facts About Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics

Going into the conference, we knew that Advantage GPS was already disrupting the industry and even making other providers nervous. So, we made sure familiar faces were on hand at the booth, including Brian Boling CEO and David Meyer COO of Procon Analytics.

Our leaders provided the real facts about who we are, why the pioneers returned to the GPS game and how we’re redefining it.

And here’s the one question we were asked over and over again (and we were happy to answer every time):

How can Advantage GPS afford to sell 4G LTE GPS tracking devices at such a great value?

The answer is simple…this isn’t our first rodeo.

With a rich heritage in the GPS tracking space, our leadership team includes the original pioneers who built one of the largest GPS businesses in the industry today. So, you can rest assured that we are more passionate than ever to win your business through updated, innovative technology and customer care.

Another thing you should know about Procon Analytics is that we were an early entrant in the connected car industry for franchise dealers. Since then, we’ve created one of the largest footprints in the new car market with a cutting-edge dealer lifecycle management solution that includes a maintenance module and profit tools.

Today, Procon Analytics is one of the leading aftermarket providers of connected car technology in the United States. We’re here to stay!

Over the years, our leaders have also assembled a team of engineers, working in-house to build scalable hardware architecture. Everything we create is designed to replace the outdated GPS technology currently on the market. All products are put to the test and proven to perform.

And because we deal in such high volumes, we’re able to significantly reduce our “cost of goods sold” (COGS) and pass these savings directly on to you. We even foster close partnerships with our vendors and negotiate the best possible deals for our customers.

Given our track record and know-how, you can probably see why other GPS providers might be more than a little worried about Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics shaking things up.

So, don’t let them misguide you with fake news. Give us a call, get the facts and make the switch.

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