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MARIADA and Advantage Partnership: Thank you for joining our webinar!
Our company is a high-tech automotive, customer-first organization, dedicated to connecting and protecting your valuable collateral with the industry most sophisticated hardware and software solutions. Our wired and wireless (battery-powered) platforms are continuously updated and improved. Key to the upgrades is our devotion to listening to the voice of our customers.

As I mentioned in the webinar, Advantage is focused on: eliminating outdated technology, partnering with. we’ve provided many firsts in technology designed to improve operations, reduce costs and help auto lenders keep more in their pockets:

  • Eliminating outdated technology
  • Providing you with personalized service
  • Offering a family of products and services that puts you in charge of determining your cash outlay to meet the needs of your business model
  • Partnering with ARA to ensure you have easy access to certified, bonded recovery specialists – if the need ever arises
  • And more …

“The website is very user friendly. Our recovery agents like the system when locating vehicles, it works very efficiently. Our rep is very responsive, every time I call I get quick answers.”

Advantage GPS Customer

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Powerful Automotive Analytics

Advantage Solutions

Dashboard 200x200 - Advantage GPS
Interactive Dashboard

The Advantage interactive dashboard uses advanced technology to deliver high level and vehicle-specific, granular oversight of your automotive finance portfolio.

Wired Evo Tracking - NABD - Advantage

Our robust line of wired GPS products, Evo, has been a mainstay of our business model for many years. Evo has been and remains the best value in the marketplace.

Revo Wireless Tracking - NABD - Advantage
Wireless Revo 2.0

 The most-advanced battery technology on the market now powers Advantage’s family of new wireless Revo 2.0 devices.

Brandon Horn - MARIADA - Advantage Automotive Analytics
Executive Sales Director
Brandon Horn
Kim Galloway - MARIADA - Advantage Automotive Analytics
Customer Account Manager
Kim Galloway
Karen Uhlenkamp - Business Development - Advantage GPS
Business Development Representative
Karen Uhlenkamp

“I like the hands on customer service and the ability to have multiple and different products wired and wireless. Makes my job easier and the flexibility gives me options.”

Advantage GPS Customer