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Maximize Tax Season Profits

Now that tax season 2018 has arrived, it’s time to capitalize on the opportunities. Today, Advantage GPS offers some tips on how to help you succeed. We also included a special offer to ensure that even after the sale, you have the power to assess and mitigate risks using 4G LTE technology, real-time data and automatic analytics. Here at Advantage, we want to help you sell with confidence all tax season long. Don’t forget that with the passing of the new tax relief plan in December, consumers will not only have a tax return to apply towards a down payment, but in many cases, extra monthly income to give them greater confidence in making a big purchase. Are you ready to capture a bigger share?

Here are a few tips to help you gain the advantage:

    1. Review Your Processes
      Whether you typically work with prime or deep subprime consumers, being able to handle any credit score on the spectrum will enable you to deliver for all types of car buyers.

      • Take a moment to touch base with your lenders and reinforce relationships with ones that finance buyer segments you don’t frequently service.
      • See if there are any changes in stips for 2018 and double-check that your sales processes align with what they require for qualification.Once you clarify things with lenders, be sure to give your sales team updates.
      • You may also want to review how they approach sales.
      • If it’s typical for them to show customers vehicles before doing paperwork, consider flipping the script. Gather customer information first and complete an initial credit review. By knowing up front what they’re likely to be qualified for, your salesperson will be able to advise on corresponding vehicles and avoid turning away a frustrated customer at the last minute.
    2. Refine Your Inventory
      While dealers typically add to their inventory at the end of the year, you may want to take a fresh look at what you have available on your lot.

      • Compare previous tax season sales and look at your most recent sales.
      • Pay attention to off-lease vehicle trends – industry analysts are seeing trucks, SUVs and crossovers hit the 2018 market at a time when overall sales are strong in these areas.
      • Make sure you have the vehicles that customers want to buy. Inventory should also reflect newer model years and offer some of the latest tech bells and whistles.

      For many of your customers, this is the one time of year when they can provide a significant down payment, and their income is bolstered by the new tax cuts. With the right inventory, you’ll move them into a better vehicle category and enjoy a boost in revenue.

    3. Stock Up on Evo™ 4G LTE GPS Devices
      The last step is to make sure you get paid. And we’re not just talking about making the sale. To protect your business and bottom line, Advantage GPS offers the most advanced, 4G LTE technology available, empowering you to quickly and reliably locate vehicle assets from any mobile device. You’ll have the power to secure your collateral even after it drives off the lot. It all starts with the next evolution of GPS tracking, the Evo 4G LTE. Protect every vehicle in your portfolio with:True 4G LTE mobile broadband experience for faster locates
    • Expanded coverage for stronger vehicle connections and more accurate data
    • Lower power consumption, available today
    • Internal backup battery included
    • Enhanced, enterprise carrier grade data security to protect sensitive customer information

Now, for a limited time, we’ll also give you 2 FREE EVO Devices when you buy 5*. For a successful tax season, be sure to stock up, save big and protect your bottom line.Blog Program - Blog - Advantage GPS

Don’t Get Left Behind
Tax season is here, so fine-tune processes and inventory, then maximize your success with the help of Advantage GPS. We give you premium 4G LTE without the premium price. To learn more and place your order right away, simply get in touch with our friendly sales team.


*Promotion applies to new customers only. Maximum 10 new devices per customer. For a limited time only.

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