Wire-Free Revo Gives You More for Less | Advantage GPS

Get Far More, For LESS!

What’s so revolutionary about the Revo?

  • It’s WireLESS
    4G LTE devices, no hard-wire installation.
  • It’s TireLESS
    We guarantee the battery transmits for a set number of events.
    Revo 3000 - GPS Tracking Device - Advantage GPS
  • It’s EffortLESS
    Takes just minutes to activate and secure in a vehicle!

There are three different Revo devices:

  • Revo SmartStop: Collects a continuous stream of data for all start and stop events of a vehicle up to 3,000 events or approximately 1-year.
  • Revo 3000: Provides auto lenders with flexible operating modes that gives them more control and help preserve the battery life of the unit. The unit is designed to capture 3,000 events just like the SmartStop, but this device has a life span of approximately 3-years.
  • Revo 4000: Includes the three flexible modes and captures at least 4,000 events, for at least 4-5 years.

Each Revo device gives you ultimate flexibility with varying operating modes:

  • Discovery Mode provides you with a detailed history for the first 250 events.
  • Standby Mode reports a vehicle’s location and health (such as battery life and tamper alerts) 2X a day, plus it allows auto lenders to change to Recovery Mode with the push of a button.
  • Recovery Mode reports a vehicle’s movement every 5 minutes and stop events. It will also automatically change to Standby Mode after 7 days or 500 events to help preserve battery life.

Discover Revo’s more-for-less difference today! 

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