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The Next Evolution in Risk Mitigation Has Arrived!

Advantage is a next level GPS Tracking solution designed for BHPH auto dealers and vehicle finance companies. It not only keeps a pulse on your vehicles, it also provides more predictive analytics to help you assess risks faster so you can make smarter, more profitable business decisions.

  • Interactive Real-Time DashboardInteractive GPS Tracking Dashboard - Advantage GPS
  • Custom Alerts
  • Excessive Mileage Notification
  • Access all GPS Devices from one Page (regardless of who your provider is)
  • Preset Impound Lot Geofences & Alerts
  • Single Click Recovery Tool
  • Tamper Detection and more!

Advantage GPS is inspired by the original pioneers in automotive telematics and founders of Procon, Brian Boling, Bill Cheney and David Meyer. If you want to gain the upper hand with Real-Time Automotive Analytics, let us know.

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