Complete Recovery Package - Advantage GPS

Smart Recovery Tools

There are challenges ahead for all of us, and with auto loan delinquencies rising, now would seem to be the perfect time to be a repossessor.
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Advantage GPS partners with ARA

ARA Partnership

Advantage GPS has announced a strategic partnership with the American Recovery Association (ARA), the world’s largest association of certified, trained and compliant recovery and remarketing professionals.
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Wire-Free GPS Tracking - Revo - Advantage GPS

Introducing Wire-Free GPS Tracking Devices

Advantage GPS Starts a Revolution with Auto Industry’s First Wire-Free GPS Tracking Devices Company introduces a family of next generation Revo GPS tracking devices that allow auto lenders to protect their vehicle assets without hardwire installation — nearly eliminating installation failures and costs.
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A Christmas Story by Advantage GPS

‘Twas a Few Months Before Tax Season

‘Twas a few months before Tax Season, the dealership was quiet; We needed more customers, or the employees would soon riot; The cars were merchandised on the lot with care; I knew BHPH customers would soon be here;
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Impounded assets are costly - Advantage GPS

Tackling the Costly Problem of Impounds

Smart Impound Lot is part of our interactive, AI-driven dashboard that enables auto lenders to view real-time analytics upon log in. The dashboard helps them monitor the health of loan portfolios, including costly impounds, so that they can mitigate risks quicker.
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NIADA-NABD Conference Reflection - Advantage GPS

Looking Back – 2018 NIADA Conference

It’s conferences like this that energize our entire team. At the show, we were able to get a better look at the industry landscape and discover more about the challenges automotive dealers and lenders are currently facing. Even better, our team was able to talk with a number of customers to get their feedback on...
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