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Recovery Pro Uncovers Fraud

James Waldron, CEO of 1st Adjusters, Inc., says there is an ever-growing organized effort to defraud automotive retailers and a host of simultaneous challenges for the recovery industry itself. GPS units make his job easier.
Lenders offer Repo Discounts - Advantage Automotive Analytics

Lenders Offer Repo Incentives

Buy here-pay here dealers looking to secure a quick, low-cost vehicle recovery may have some challenges in the weeks and months ahead, as major finance companies such as Wells Fargo Auto, Exeter and SCUSA have incentivized recovery agencies for prioritized repossessions.

Automotive Finance Markets

Use your own market intelligence to respond to changing economic conditions. There’s a tremendous amount of data and media coverage about the automotive finance markets, but mostly they deal with new car and used car loans to consumers with average and above average credit.
Revo 3 - Next Generation Wireless GPS - Advantage GPS

Revo 3.0

More Powerful, Smarter, Stronger — Revo 3.0 is the Superman of GPS With powers and abilities far beyond normal GPS, the all-new Revo 3.0 GPS is an unmatched advancement in smart battery technology.
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Evo Unlimited Results

Evo Unlimited Results in Everyone Winning: Unlimited usage is great idea, and overdue. There are a number of reasons — financial, technical, practical — why unlimited use hasn’t been here before
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Unlimited GPS Connectivity

The Advantage Automotive Analytics Evo UL is the first unlimited GPS solution that eliminates monthly airtime fees and device renewals.
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