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We're not the new kids on the block - Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics

Not the New Kids

If the name Advantage GPS doesn’t exactly sound familiar, that’s ok. You’ll get to know us in time and hopefully sooner, rather than later if you want the upper hand when it comes to managing a high-risk auto loan portfolio. What you might be hearing, however, is that we’re just an upstart GPS outfit that...
Procon Analytics Debuts Advantage GPS

Advantage GPS Makes Official Debut

Procon Analytics has officially introduced its advanced risk mitigation solution, Advantage GPS. In a press release distributed last week, our parent company highlighted the platform’s advanced GPS technology and data mining innovations that empower auto lenders to assess risks faster, make agile and profitable business decisions, as well as confidently finance underbanked consumers. Designed, developed...
Maximize Tax Season Profits - Advantage GPS

Maximize Tax Season Profits

Now that tax season 2018 has arrived, it’s time to capitalize on the opportunities. Today, Advantage GPS offers some tips on how to help you succeed. We also included a special offer to ensure that even after the sale, you have the power to assess and mitigate risks using 4G LTE technology, real-time data and...
Brendon Schwarz Talks About the Advantage GPS Referral Program

Thanks for the Referrals

Free Evo™ Devices, Just Our Way of Saying Thanks Here at Advantage GPS, we’re always innovating. The only thing that’s better than coming up with new ideas is seeing them deliver tangible results for our customers. Since the successful launch of our second generation risk mitigation platform, our dealer and vehicle finance customers have provided...
Brendan Schwarz Talks About Advantage

How to Gain the Advantage by Identifying and Mitigating Risks Faster

Back in 2007, I began my career in GPS Telematics at Procon Inc. working in the shipping and receiving department where I honed my ability to program and troubleshoot GPS devices. Two years later, I moved into sales where I steadily built a customer base of vehicle finance companies and car dealers. The people I...
Data Security & Privacy - Advantage GPS

Securing Your Data. And Your Confidence.

The fact is, we live in a connected world. This is the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), in which increasingly more consumers and businesses rely on connected devices and services. From online shopping and banking to common cloud-based business applications like Microsoft Office to social media and gaming consoles, connected technology has permeated...
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