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The Industry-Wide PAC Fund

The American Recovery Association (ARA) is diligently fighting to prevent language in proposed Congressional Phase 4 Stimulus Package legislation that would create a 5-7 month moratorium on, among other things, vehicle repossessions.
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Create Legendary Service - Advantage GPS

Service is Part of Our DNA

Building a culture of business development and customer service is a never-ending task, and must be part of the DNA of the people on the team.
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A few thoughts on the COVID-19 Outbreak from Advantage GPS President David Meyer - Advantage GPS

Covid 19

A Letter From the President “We’ve been through oil embargoes, wars, financial global meltdowns. And the meltdown was just 10 years ago, so all of those things are in the back of our head. We survived. Actually, we thrived right after that immediately. So we understand.”– Rhett Ricart, NADA Chairman, commenting on the potential impact...
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Hispanic Market's Buying Power is > $1.7 Trillion - Advantage GPS

Boost Hispanic Business

When attempting to boost your Hispanic business, (…and why shouldn’t you be at least considering it?) you need to think “in culture.” It’s not an easy task, especially if you are not fluent in the language and don’t know and understand the rich and unique histories of these important cultures.
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Best CEO - Advantage GPS

10 Best CEOs List

David Meyer, who has served in leadership capacities in the automotive industry for more than 25 years, earned the award for his continued success in leading a team of seasoned professionals in its mission to “replace outdated technology,” in the automotive finance industry.
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Pay as You Go Blog - Advantage GPS

Lowest-Priced Revo

Listening to the voice of the customer is vital to success, and we have made listening and responding to customer demands a core value.
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