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How to Safeguard Your Collateral

Unless you never left your house after the 2020 lockdowns, you’ve heard about, seen, or have experienced a rise in crime across the country, and those in the auto business are keenly aware that auto thefts, car jackings, parts thefts, and now gasoline thefts have become a huge problem.

Women at Advantage Taking Company Forward

National Women’s History Month has been a time for us at Advantage to celebrate the accomplishments of women in this country and around the world.
3G Sunset - Advantage GPS

As 3G Sunsets, 4G LTE Future for Automotive GPS

As 3G Sunsets, 4G LTE Future for Automotive GPS. There are a few scattered reports of BHPH dealers across the country, mostly in or near urban areas, experiencing 3G devices going dark, leaving them unable to monitor or locate their valuable vehicle collateral.
Revo Asset Management Solution - Advantage GPS

Advantage Launches New Portable Asset Management Solution

Advantage Automotive Analytics launches a new portable Asset Management Solution making it easier for businesses to protect their valuables.

Tax Season 2022 – Risky Opportunities

The expression this is the “New Normal” is often overused and has become cliché, and when it’s in reference to the unprecedented rise in used car values there is nothing “normal” about a nearly 30 percent rise in used car prices in the past 12 months.
Top 10 Global Leader - Industry Era - Advantage GPS

Industry Era Top 10 Global Leaders

Industry Era recognizes David Meyer, President of Advantage Automotive Analytics, as a top 10 global leader to watch.
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