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Revo Asset Management Solution - Advantage GPS

Advantage Launches New Portable Asset Management Solution

Advantage Automotive Analytics launches a new portable Asset Management Solution making it easier for businesses to protect their valuables.
February 1, 2022ByadvantagegpsIn

Tax Season 2022 – Risky Opportunities

The expression this is the “New Normal” is often overused and has become cliché, and when it’s in reference to the unprecedented rise in used car values there is nothing “normal” about a nearly 30 percent rise in used car prices in the past 12 months.
January 11, 2022ByadvantagegpsIn
Top 10 Global Leader - Industry Era - Advantage GPS

Industry Era Top 10 Global Leaders

Industry Era recognizes David Meyer, President of Advantage Automotive Analytics, as a top 10 global leader to watch.
January 4, 2022ByadvantagegpsIn
Patented All Access - Blog - Advantage GPS

Patented All Access

Advantage has been fortunate enough to have worked on several innovations that have resulted in patents. The latest is “Unified Device Access.”
December 3, 2021ByadvantagegpsIn
Revo 2.0 - Press Release Thumb - Advantage Automotive Analytics

Next Generation Revo 2

Introducing Revo 2.0 — a family of advanced, self-powered wireless GPS tracking devices with cutting-edge, second-generation smart battery technology and power management tools.
November 17, 2021ByadvantagegpsIn
All Access Pass to View all GPS Devices - Advantage GPS

Patented All Access

Advantage GPS, a leader in modern data analytics and advanced, risk mitigation solutions for vehicle finance professionals, today announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted United States Patent 11,102,615 for the company’s “Unified Device Access” technology.
October 13, 2021ByadvantagegpsIn
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