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Data-Driven Business Decisions

Your Advantage Dashboard tells you a lot. Are you listening? We understand how full your day can become, that’s why we designed a high-level and vehicle-specific interactive dashboard. The dashboard continuously monitors your collateral and notifies you when high-risk events occur.
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Tax Season 2021 - Used Car - Advantage GPS

Tax Season 2021

Tax Season 2021: To be or not to be, that is the question. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the 2021 Tax Season. Take a quick poll and let me know yours.
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Part 3: Automotive Recovery Industry

The use of wireless GPS devices assists dealers with reducing their upfront cash outlays by eliminating installation costs and giving them greater control of their own cashflow.
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Recovery & Compliance Blog - Advantage GPS

Part 2: Automotive Recovery Industry

Many finance companies typically see a rise in repos during December, and this past year was no different. In fact, repo rates were higher than usual.
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Recovery Industry Blog 1 - Thumb - Advantage GPS

Part 1: Automotive Recovery Industry

“Where” your finance company is located plays a key role in whether or not you “can” repo a vehicle and how many you may have coming down the pike.
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Easy-to-Use, Dashboard - Advantage GPS

A streaming platform that makes YOU money

Let’s face it, over the past year many of us spent more time at home and became much more familiar with entertainment streaming platforms. There are some user interfaces that are just fantastic.
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