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NIADA Conference

Visit Booth #911 at NIADA, June 21-28 in Orlando
Meet the innovators who continue to disrupt the “business as usual” market by stopping by the Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics booth next week! Our executive team – CEO Brian Boling and COO David Meyer – will be on deck to answer questions and give hands-on demonstrations of Advantage GPS, our leading-edge risk mitigation solution.

See What the Buzz is All About
As we announced this week, the NIADA convention will be the big debut for our revolutionary platform and the first of its kind to integrate artificial intelligence technology. With its ability to automatically group risk data into categories and serve up real-time predictive analytics via the smart dashboard, auto lenders can finally achieve a new level of risk mitigation.

Most importantly, all of this data is displayed immediately upon log in. No need to press a big, red locate button or potentially incur extra fees. And that’s just the start.

Our COO David Meyer had this to say, “Advantage GPS is solving problems that auto lenders still face, but their current providers simply cannot touch. We’re not just returning to the game – we’re redefining it!”

Groundbreaking Today & Tomorrow
Advantage GPS is everything dealers and lenders want. Along with real-time analytics and a 4G LTE Cat-1 device at no extra charge, our solution connects to a unified portal that provides access to all GPS devices, regardless of brand or provider.

Since our technology is not tethered to outdated, legacy systems, we’re able to innovate on-the-fly. And because our products are designed and developed in-house, our team closely monitors quality and assurance to ensure we deliver a stable, reliable and scalable platform. It also allows us to add new features as the needs of the industry change – all without having to rebuild our solution from the ground up.

“Attendees will experience first-hand the game-changing Advantage GPS platform, which is based on advanced technology and our deep industry know-how that comes from developing our products in-house,” says Meyer.

It’s no wonder that we already support nearly 900 vehicle finance customers and over 400,000 vehicle connections (and counting).

We Look Forward to Meeting You
As you can see, we have a lot to share with you at NIADA. So, make your first stop Booth #911 and speak directly with our company leadership about the Advantage GPS solution from Procon Analytics. We’re confident that once you see it in action, making the switch will be a no-brainer.

While you’re there, be sure to enter to win an Oculus Rift, named Best VR Headset by PC Gamer!

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