Special Offer for NIADA 2020 Attendees | Advantage GPS

Special Offer for NIADA Members Only!

As a proud participant of the inaugural NIADA-NABD Virtual Convention & Expo, we are pleased to provide ALL attendees with information and advice on how best to put our latest innovations to work to help them reduce fixed costs and improve cashflow. Visit us and get a fabulous Special Offer on Evo and Revo devices!

Special Offer - NIADA Attendees 2020 - Advantage

Advantage Automotive Analytics

  • AI predictive analytics
  • Ride share warnings
  • Locate on demand
  • Battery-powered Revo and hardwired Evo GPS devices
  • Pay as You Go Options
  • Automated impound lot boundaries
  • Rapid repo portal
  • Integrated APIs
  • Intelligent power management

Now through October 15, 2020, automotive financiers who purchase 10 Advantage GPS devices will get ONE FREE! Limit 20 total devices. Good for new Advantage customers only. Talk to our Advantage Risk Mitigation Professionals via NIADA’s video conference, instant chat or contact us direct!

* NIADA members only. Limit 20 total devices for maximum of 2 free devices. Offer expires 10/15/20.

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