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Access All GPS Devices From the Advantage App

When applying for a patent there’s exhilaration. There’s a new solution to a problem that’s unique and should result in a competitive advantage in the marketplace. As the idea results in a new product and its brought to fruition, there’s a sense of accomplishment. Then, as you prepare the patent, work with legal teams, and then file with the patent office, the exhilaration is tempered with trepidation and a sense of unease. So often we’ve heard of others who went through the entire process only to discover their idea wasn’t unique, and in fact, was already patented. When the letter arrives and you learn that, yes indeed, your idea is unique — well, it’s truly a thrill.

Advantage has been fortunate enough to have worked on several innovations that have resulted in patents. The latest is “Unified Device Access.”

Our customers know it as Advantage All Access. The Advantage user dashboard enhancement enables auto finance professionals to monitor and access their GPS portfolio regardless of device brand or model. For instance, say a dealer has used a GPS service provider for several years and has 200 devices on vehicles in their portfolio. Then they opted for a new service, and now have 200 different devices on the road. Instead of having to toggle between user dashboards for various brands, All Access allows them to locate, track, and gather other information for these devices in the Advantage app. No more opening and closing other applications.

View and seamlessly connect to all vour GPS devices regardless of brand or model

It was an idea borne out after seeing firsthand the challenges associated with accessing multiple applications to manage portfolio risks and from listening to clients tell us about the headaches it caused. The finance companies we deal with have had the issue from day one as many buy contracts from multiple dealers using the gamut of providers out there.

This, now proprietary, innovation gives our clients greater flexibility, convenience, and control over their device management process.

Constant software, hardware, and improved customer service resources on the Advantage platform, serve to keep the company’s customers at the cutting-edge of GPS and data analysis technology. Innovation is at the core of what we do at Advantage, and the excitement we get from having patent approved only serves to get us motivated to come up with the next.

Patent number: US11,102,615,B2

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