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Patented All Access

USPTO Grants ‘Unified Device Access’ Patent to Advantage GPS

Technological Innovation Centrally Manages All GPS Device Brands Across Finance Professionals’ Risk Mitigation Portfolios     

Irvine, CA, October 13, 2021 – Advantage GPS, a leader in modern data analytics and advanced, risk mitigation solutions for vehicle finance professionals, today announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted United States Patent 11,102,615 for the company’s “Unified Device Access” technology.

This latest patent, which enables auto finance professionals to monitor and access all of the GPS devices used in their finance portfolios regardless of brand or model, adds to an already impressive intellectual property portfolio now being employed on devices throughout the country on the Advantage platform.

“Our proprietary solution, marketed as All Access, avoids issues such as having to login and interact with multiple platforms,” said David Meyer, President of Advantage GPS. “Some competing GPS devices are tethered to outdated technology platforms where innovation has ceased. All Access allows our customers to monitor vehicle location and other data effortlessly, through our robust and constantly evolving technology platform. It’s something our customers asked for, and we delivered several years ago. It’s now patented and proprietary to Advantage.”

Meyer noted that Advantage has a long, successful track record of delivering paradigm-changing innovations for their subprime customers.

“Our goal is to continue to innovate on our platform and bring the next wave of automotive analytics evolution, that makes it easier for our customers to protect their collateral and build on their bottom line,” Meyer said.

The greater flexibility afforded by All Access gives Advantage clients more convenience and control over their device management process. Continually enhancing software, hardware, and improved customer service resources on the Advantage platform all serve to keep the company’s customers at the cutting-edge of GPS and Data Analysis technology.

“Customers can view vital information for all GPS provider accounts, including name, address, year, make and model of vehicle purchased, VIN and serial number of devices,” said Brian Tate, Advantage product manager.  “All Access also allows finance companies and dealers to seamlessly navigate into any vehicle record, on the fly, from the Advantage application view.”

Using All Access is effortless. Users simply click on “All Access” within the Advantage dashboard to view detailed vehicle information on devices from third-party providers. When a specific vehicle is clicked, a new window opens to provide access to the device. Customers quickly see the desired vehicle’s location as well as a host of intelligence that monitors and assesses finance risks in real time.

A user-friendly, interactive dashboard gives lenders both high-level and vehicle-specific, granular oversight of their automotive finance portfolio. The system is designed to prioritize profit obstacles and proactively notify managers of high-risk situations that further prevent losses and mitigate loss severity should it occur. Advantage’s robust solutions portfolio includes wired and wireless devices, VIN Verify products, custom APIs, Pay-as-You-Go options, and features that allow users to manage all their devices regardless of provider.

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Advantage GPS provides modern data analytics and advanced GPS technology that empower BHPH dealers and vehicle finance companies to make smarter, faster, and more profitable business decisions. The company’s seasoned leadership team has been revolutionizing risk mitigation tools and real-time automotive analytics to help lenders protect vehicle assets, reduce delinquencies, and speed up recoveries for over a decade.

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