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Protect Your Collateral and Save Money!

We’ve made our leading battery-powered, wireless GPS device affordable for everyone. Introducing the Pay as You Go Revo:

  • One Easy Process – Zero installation. Just activate before it rolls!
  • Pay as You Go – Why pay for multiple years? You can renew as needed!*

Pay as You Go Revo is the lowest priced, self-powered tracking device on the market. Now’s the perfect time to take Revo out for a spin and stock up for tax season!

Including Flexible Operating Modes

  • Discovery Mode – gives a detailed history for the first 300 events
  • Standby Mode – reports vehicle’s location and health 2x a day and allows a dealer to change to Recovery Mode
  • Repo Mode – reports a vehicle’s movement and stop events, then automatically changes to Standby Mode (after 7 days).

Buy with confidence …

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Rapid Activation - Advantage GPS

Rapid Activation

Takes 10 seconds to activate and secure in vehicle

quad ion lithium metal battery technology - Advantage GPS

Powerful Batteries

Quad ion lithium metal battery technology

Events Guarantee - Pay as You Go Revo - Advantage GPS

Events Guarantee

1300 events or 1-year (whichever comes first)

Core Exchange Program - Pay as You Go Revo - Advantage GPS

Exchange Program

Trade in allowance for refurbish devices

Gain the Competitive Advantage

Our growth has been explosive because we’ve gone to great lengths and expense to support our 3,000+ customers with nearly 1M connections coast-to-coast by delivering the best risk mitigation technology. We’ve already shipped over 30,000 Revo devices nationwide.  What are you waiting for?

*Restrictions apply. See the Advantage Events Guarantee for details.