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Pay as You Go

Zero Installation. One Low Cost.

Advantage GPS has now made the leading battery-powered, wireless GPS device affordable for everyone. Introducing the Pay as You Go Revo:

  • Zero Installation – Just activate before it rolls!
  • Pay as You Go – Why pay for multiple years? You can renew as needed!*

Pay as You Go Revo is the lowest-priced, self-powered tracking device on the market. Now’s the perfect time to take Revo out for a spin and stock up for tax season!

Including Flexible Operating Modes

  • Discovery Mode – gives a detailed history for the first 300 events
  • Standby Mode – reports vehicle’s location and health 2x a day and allows a lender to change to Repo Mode
  • Repo Mode – reports a vehicle’s movement and stop events, then automatically changes to Standby Mode (after 7 days).

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Rapid Activation - Advantage GPS

Rapid Activation

Activate and secure in vehicle
(≈10 Seconds)

quad ion lithium metal battery technology - Advantage GPS

Powerful Batteries

Quad lithium metal
battery pack

Events Guarantee - Pay as You Go Revo - Advantage GPS

Pay as You go

No More Long Term Contracts
No More Waste

Core Exchange Program - Pay as You Go Revo - Advantage GPS

Exchange Program

Allowance for certified
refurbished devices

Gain the Competitive Advantage

Our growth has been explosive because we’ve gone to great lengths and expense to support our 4,000+ customers with nearly 1M connections coast-to-coast just by delivering the best risk mitigation technology town. We collect over 900M data points every day. Now imagine the possibilities…

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