Casey June - VP Sales - Advantage GPS



Casey June brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise as Advantage’s  Executive Sales Director of Strategic Alliances. For the past ten-plus years, June has honed an uncanny ability to identify and cultivate alliances that drive value for all partners involved, as well as the customers they serve.

While working with Verizon, June helped drive activation from 250 per month to more than 11,000 per month. He was also instrumental in building strong relations with a large, multi-billion dollar partner that opened up new opportunities and channels of revenue. June leverages this experience as he leads Advantage’s strategic partnership efforts, which include running the company’s auction program and directing integration initiatives with Dealer Management Systems, as well as other value-added technologies.

Maximizing value for partners and customers is engrained in June’s DNA. He takes the time and effort needed to truly understand their needs, address challenges and work with partners to deliver new solutions.

June developed this unique approach to value-driven solutions at Position Plus, where he helped extend the company’s customer reach coast-to-coast. There, he learned that by helping BHPH dealers sell more cars with lower risk, he was also helping consumers repair their credit and achieve the American dream. From this, he came to understand that the right partnerships have the power to not only drive profits, but to change people’s lives for the better.

While at Position Plus, June also played a key role in launching the company’s new risk mitigation tool using the latest GPS technology. His focus continues to be on connecting BHPH partners and their customers to simple, intuitive tools for tracking and protecting vehicle assets that allow them to concentrate on financing more loans with less worry.

June is thrilled to continue meeting the needs of BHPH dealers and their customers as part of the Advantage GPS leadership team. He looks forward to forging even stronger relationships and alliances with Advantage GPS customers and partners.