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Real-Time Risk Assessment Dashboard with Artificial Intelligence

Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics Launches an Automotive Analytics Real-Time Risk Assessment Dashboard Integrating Artificial Intelligence

Auto lenders can now view real-time analytics for key indicators used to monitor the health of their loan portfolios and mitigate risks faster.

Irvine, CA, March 6, 2018 — Advantage GPS, a Procon Analytics company that captures and translates raw data into actionable business intelligence, today announced the launch of its automotive analytics risk assessment dashboard integrating artificial intelligence to help auto lenders monitor the health of their high-risks loans and protect their assets.

Advantage GPS is an advanced vehicle tracking and payment reminder solution that helps auto lenders identify and assess risks in real-time, make more agile and profitable business decisions, and expand their customer base to improve their bottom line. The solution:

  • Is specifically designed for the vehicle finance market – developed by the pioneers and innovators of automotive telematics, Procon Analytics
  • Uses the most advantage GPS and future-proofed technology
  • Is a win-win for lenders and dealers seeking accurate visibility into their vehicle assets for greater peace of mind, and for credit-challenged consumers attempting to purchase a vehicle and start the process of repairing their credit

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) was built into the design of the Advantage GPS dashboard. It has the ability to recognize and group real-time data into risk categories, giving lenders an intelligent analytical overview of their risks,” said David Meyer, COO of Procon Analytics. “This is truly next generation stuff that goes way beyond pushing a big red locate button. Without antiquated legacy platforms holding us back, our team can focus developing tomorrow’s technology today. Our clients deserve to be wowed, and we plan to deliver!”

The Advantage GPS dashboard gives vehicle finance customers a risk assessment overview of their vehicle assets grouped by risk categories. The interactive dashboard provides lenders with full drill down capabilities to help them quickly isolate potential high risks so they can mitigate issues faster. Some of the features on the dashboard include:

  • Warnings & Custom-Built Alerts Customers proactively receive alerts to help them avoid potential issues before they happen such as if a car battery is low or if a unit has not reported in a few days.
  • Tamper proof device The Advantage system notifies customers if a device is improperly installed or has been tampered with.
  • Usage Customers are able see excessive vehicle usage and possible commercial use, in real-time. This feature can help them protect the future value of the vehicle.
  • Recovery Our intuitive recovery workflow makes the process smooth and painless if a customer ever finds themselves in the position of needing to recover the vehicle.
  • Automated impound notification The system automatically identifies surrounding impound lots and sends customers a notification if one of their vehicle assets enters.
  • Groups The Group feature helps franchise dealers manage vehicle assets on multiple lots and financial institutions funding auto loans with multiple dealers. Customer can view groups, drill down to vehicles within those specific locations and monitor the dashboard stats for each independently.
  • Advanced reporting metrics Customers gain immediate insights into the top most recent 100 vehicles to report an action, timestamps for last action captured and data insights by custom groups and more.

The company continuously strives to bring automotive lender and dealer clients the most leading edge technology available to allow them to protect their portfolios and set themselves apart from their competitors. Serving nearly 500 automotive lenders with over 300,000+ connections across the country, Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics not only utilizes the most progressive connected technology, but is constantly evolving based on the automotive finance industry’s needs, technological advances, as well as economic and legislative trends.

About Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics
Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics provides GPS technology and innovative data analytics that empower BHPH dealers and vehicle finance companies to make smarter, faster and more profitable business decisions. The company’s seasoned leadership team has been revolutionizing risk mitigation tools and real-time automotive analytics to help lenders protect vehicle assets, reduce delinquencies and speed up recoveries when needed for over a decade.


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