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Revo 3.0 SmartStop 5000 News

Revo 3.0 SmartStop 5000 News

Advantage Automotive Analytics, a leader in modern data analytics and advanced risk-mitigation solutions for vehicle finance professionals, today debuted “Revo 3.0 SmartStop 5000,” the industry’s only self-powered, real-time tracking device, with greater battery life and advanced intelligence features.

At the end of last year, Advantage amplified the strength and acumen behind its wireless Revo GPS portfolio adding 3.0 Intelligent Battery Technology. Fully wireless and self-powered, 3.0 SmartStop 5000 possesses sixty percent more data collection capacity and product lifespan than Revo SmartStop.

“These innovations make our SmartStop 5000 the most powerful real-time, battery-operated device on the market,” said Brian Tate, Director of Product Management for Advantage. “Coming on the heels of the 3.0 battery introduction, the enhancements demonstrate our dedication to constantly building on and leveraging our current products to make them better, longer lasting, and the most technologically advanced.”

SmartStop 5000 continually monitors and records when a moving vehicle stops. The SmartStop 5000 battery-powered device provides real-time location intelligence, so customers always know where their assets are. This real-time data, backed by the device’s extended battery life, give finance professionals the peace of mind that comes with robust, long-lived risk-mitigation intelligence and tools.

“Being able to locate and secure your collateral is paramount to today’s finance professional,” Tate said. “When customers requested an affordable wireless solution with continuous, real-time, all-the-time monitoring for longer, higher-risk notes, we got to work.”

Listening to the voice of the customer, responding to suggestions, and keeping costs affordable have been mainstays of the corporate culture at Advantage, and have been instrumental in the company’s growth and success in the marketplace.

“As inventory prices soar and inflation chips away at consumers’ abilities to meet their financial obligations,” said Michelle Jackson, Vice President of Advantage, “protecting the assets of our clients with an affordable GPS solution has never been more vital to their success.”

Jackson said the key takeaways for Revo 3.0 SmartStop 5000:
• Perfect fit for finance professionals
• No installation fees
• Continuous, real-time vehicle location
• 60% more data capacity for increased longevity

First to market with a line of wireless, battery-powered GPS devices in early 2019, Advantage has amassed and aggregated data from tens of thousands of deployments and hundreds of millions of device interactions. This data analysis combined with real-world client experiences and suggestions has resulted in continuous improvements in hardware and software technology.

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Advantage GPS provides modern data analytics and advanced GPS technology that empower BHPH dealers and vehicle finance companies to make smarter, faster, and more profitable business decisions. The company’s seasoned leadership team has been revolutionizing risk mitigation tools and real-time automotive analytics to help lenders protect vehicle assets, reduce delinquencies, and speed up recoveries for over a decade.

Michelle Jackson - Vice President of Sales - Advantage GPS

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