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Revo GPS Events Guarantee

We take great pride in the quality of our GPS tracking products and automotive analytics services. Every device goes through an extensive suite of quality and assurance tests prior to shipping. The three different Revo models give auto lenders the flexibility to match device to loan terms or risk factors. Each device is designed to last for a set number of Events based on battery life and use:

  • Revo 3000
  • 3000 Events

The Revo GPS Event Guarantee is subject to the Advantage GPS Limited Product Warranty. Refer to the Limited Product Warranty for more information.

Events Guarantee

    Thank You!

    We have received your information. Please mail your Revo device(s)to the follwing:

    Attn: Revo Events Guarantee

    Advantage GPS
    17361 Armstrong Avenue
    Irvine, CA 92614

    Terms and Conditions

    • Advantage GPS ONLY guarantees number of events per product below:
      • 3000 events from the SmartStop and Revo 3000
    • It does NOT guarantee any terms related to Time
    • If a Revo GPS device Event Metric is not met, then Advantage GPS will award a credit allowance or Revo replacement unit as follows:

    Event Shortfall Allowance
    1-500 events $25 allowance toward next purchase
    501 or more events Revo Replacement Device

    Exclusions Apply

    The guarantee is void under the following circumstances:

    • Any hardware damage or device tampering and misuse is identified;
    • Force majeure events, which are events that can be neither anticipated nor controlled, including acts of nature (e.g., floods and hurricanes)

    Revo GPS Replacements

    Under the Revo Event Lifetime Guarantee:

      • The Revo Event Lifetime Guarantee Program only applies to Revo SmartStart and Revo 3000
      • If a Revo device event shortfall occurs, customer must fill out Events Guarantee form located at (see form above)
      • After submitting the Events Guarantee form, an Advantage GPS specialist will provide customer with an RG number along with shipping instructions. NOTE: To qualify for the Revo Events Guarantee Program, shipments must include the appropriate RG #
      • The Revo device(s) must be shipped referencing the appropriate RG # to:Attn: Events Guarantee Department
        Advantage GPS
        17361 Armstrong Avenue
        Irvine, CA 92614
      • Customer is responsible for the shipping costs to get device(s) to us for the initial evaluation
      • Advantage GPS covers the cost of the analysis and the cost of shipping a new or refurbished Revo device(s) back to you if it qualifies under our Events Guarantee Program
      • You will NOT be contacted nor notified that we have received your shipment. Please make sure to obtain the tracking information when you ship your device(s)
      • After customer ships device(s), generally the only contact is an email letting you know the outcome of our evaluation
      • The Revo Events Guarantee only applies when the Revo device has been received by the Event Guarantee Team with appropriate RG# and has met the terms of guarantee
      • Standard turnaround time is 3-4 weeks for product assessment. During periods of peak volume, assessment may take 4-6 weeks to be completed
      • If device(s) qualifies for the Event Lifetime Guarantee, customer will receive an email with a discount code
      • Discount code can be used to order a replacement unit (new or refurbished
      • Just provide discount code to your Advantage representative on any future order
      • Discount code expires 12 months after date issued

    Advantage GPS is on a mission to eliminate outdated technology. We are so confident in our innovations, that we are willing to include Event Lifetime Guarantee for lifecycle of the Revo SmartStop and Revo 3000 as well as a core exchange program. Join our REVOlution and gain the upper hand!

    *The Revo Event Lifetime Guarantee is subject to change. Advantage GPS in its sole discretion reserves the right to determine eligibility or change the eligibility requirements.