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Smarter. Stronger. Efficient.

Revo One with 2.0 Smart Technology

 Wireless Revo One is now powered by the most-advanced battery technology on the market. This innovative upgrade delivers supercharged protection and unequaled reliability.

Revo 2.0 Technology - Advantage Automotive Analytics

2.0 Smart Technology is stronger and more efficient than ever, plus with wireless Revo One you can “Pay As You Go.” Revo One limits your up-front costs and helps you spread out capital expenses overtime. It’s designed to arm finance professionals with the most advanced 2.0 smart tracking and risk-mitigation technology while reducing out-of-pocket costs.

Smart Recovery 

Revo One includes an enhanced recovery feature called Turbo Track. Turbo Track delivers greater flexibility and control over vehicle recoveries by updating location intelligence every 2 minutes and instantly notifies users’ dashboards. Turbo Track automatically reverts to standard recovery mode after 4 hours, preserving battery life. This allows recovery professionals with enough location information to facilitate a safe, quick, efficient recovery.

Smart Power Management

Advantage engineers developed enhanced Power Management technology and added smart power management tools to provide the client with better communication with and control over the device. The technology allows for the platform to monitor GPS device health and report potential problems before they occur.

Rugged and Sustainable

Revo 2.0 is packaged in a new, more rugged, automotive grade casing. Plus, Revo’s new 2.0 smart battery pack is environmentally friendly.

The advanced wireless technology eliminates the average $55 installation fee, extra cables and accessories.

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Revo One powered by 2.0 smart technology. Supercharged.  Maximum protection and reliability. 

Revo 2.0 - Wireless GPS Tracking - Advantage GPS

Advanced Wireless
GPS Tracking

Supercharged Battery - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Supercharged 2.0
Battery Pack

Revo 2.0 - Fast Activation - Advantage GPS

Activate in
< 10 Seconds

AI Predictive Analytics - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Interactive Dashboard - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


STIP Verifications - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Geofences - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Custom Geofences
& Landmarks

Flexible Operating Modes - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Operating Modes

Tamper Alerts - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Drive Reports - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Pay As You Go - Revo One 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Pay as
You Go 

Rapid Repo Tools - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Rapid Repo

Database of Repo Agents - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Database of Certified
Repo Agents

Turbo Track - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Turbo Track

Smart Power Management - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Smart Power

Eco-Friendly - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Battery Pack

Which Device is Right for You?

Designed by auto lenders for auto lenders, wireless REVO 2.0 is the most powerful battery-operated device on the market.

The Revo One Advantage

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The industry average is for installation is around $55. With Revo One you just activate, secure in vehicle, go!
Wireless, no extra cables
or accessories to manage
Inventory management is easy with Revo One!
Pay as you go optionPay as you go option to help you minimize upfront costs, improve cashflow and secure your assets. Renew online.
Flexible operation modes Revo One is a smart device that provides regular updates and allows a dealer to shift modes if the loan status changes.
  • Discovery Mode gives a detailed history for the first 300 events.
  • Standby Mode reports a vehicle's location and health 2X a day.
  • Recovery Mode reports a vehicle's stop events, then automatically changes to Standby Mode after 7 days.
STIP Verification Revo One's "Discovery Mode" provides a detailed history for the first 300 events giving you predictive analytics for STIP verification.
Turbo TrackEnhanced monitoring feature designed to help accelerate vehicle recoveries.
Performance &

85% to 94%

99% to 100%

Wireless, Revo One uses the most-advanced 2.0 supercharged battery technology
Eco-friendlyBattery pack is eco-friendly.
Core Exchange programRecycle battery when the device reaches end of life and we'll give you a $15 credit towards your next purchase