Test Drive the Industry’s 1st Battery-Powered GPS Tracker!

Revo is a game-changing, wire-free family of GPS vehicle tracking devices that revolutionize the way buy here pay here dealers and vehicle finance companies protect their collateral and gain valuable automotive analytics. By eliminating hardwire installations, auto lenders are no longer faced with:

  • Device failure due to improper installations
  • Voided warranties as a result of wire-cutting Revo 3000 - GPS Tracking Device - Advantage GPS
  • Service plan subscriptions to negotiate

Revo’s sophisticated, battery-powered technology can be secured almost anywhere in a vehicle in five minutes or less. There are three different Revo models to give lenders ultimate flexibility to match device to loan terms or risk factors:

  • Revo SmartStop: Collects a continuous stream of data for all start and stop events of a vehicle up to 3,000 events or approximately 1-year.
  • Revo 3000: Provides auto lenders with flexible operating modes that gives them more control and help preserve the battery life of the unit. The unit is designed to capture 3,000 events just like the SmartStop, but this device has a life span of approximately 3-years.
  • Revo 4000: Includes the three flexible modes, captures at least 4,000 events and has a life span of approximately 4-5 years.
  • Revo 5000: Includes the three flexible modes, captures at least 5,000 events, checks vehicle location every 7 hours and has a life span of approximately 4 years.

Importantly, Revo devices have many of the same features that hard-wired devices do including: Drive Reports, Stop Reports; Repo Mobile Tool; Geofencing; Tamper Alerts; Battery Life Indicator and 4G LTE service. What it has doesn’t come with is the average $55 installation fee, extra cables and accessories, and a device service plan. The company has already started shipping Revo devices to auto lenders across the country.

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Guaranteed Number of Events

Whether you want to track every event or need protection on a 4-year loan term, we have you covered.

  • Revo SmartStop
  • 3000 Events
  • 1 Year
  • Revo 3000
  • 3000 Events
  • 3 Year
  • Revo 4000
  • 4000 Events
  • 4-5 Year
  • Revo 5000
  • 5000 Events
  • 4 Years+

Which Device is Right for You?

Designed by auto lenders for auto lenders, our new wire-free REVO GPS devices will help you sell with confidence. Along with powerful 4G LTE vehicle tracking capabilities, our technology offers even more great tools and features. Take a look and find the right fit for your needs.

FCC Certified 4G LTE Technology
Device Service Plan
Rapid installation - takes less than 5 minutes!
No Extra Cables & Accessories
Discover Mode - gives a detailed history for the first 250 events
Standby Mode - reports vehicle's location and health 2x a day and allows a dealer to change to Recovery Mode
Repo Mode - reports a vehicle's movement and stop events, then automatically changes to Stand by Mode (after 7 days or 500 events) or SmartStop Mode as appropriate.
SmartStop Mode - automatic real-time reporting of all starts and stops throughout the lifetime of the unit
Repo Mobile Tool
Performance and Reliability99% - 100%99% - 100%99% - 100%99% - 100%
Drive Reports
Stop Reports
Tamper Alert
Battery Life Guarantee 3,000 Events
1 Year (Tracks all Stops/Starts)
3,000 Events
3 Years
4,000 Events
4-5 Years
5,000 Events
4 Years +
Battery life indicator
Core Exchange Program (trade-in allowance for
refurbish devices)
Reports vehicle's location every 7 hours and allows a dealer to change to Recovery Mode