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Rideshare Protection

Smart Vehicle Collateral Protection
Protecting your rideshare vehicles is more important than ever in today’s climate. Rideshare services need modern technology and intuitive analytics to know where their vehicles are at all times. Advantage integrates the most-advanced technology that monitors and protects your vehicles while collecting and analyzing the data that assists you in making sure you’re protected. Rideshare service providers, we have your back!

Top-of-the-Line Rideshare Protection.
• Real-time collateral monitoring
• Predictive analytics that help drive better decisions
• Portfolio of smart wired and wireless GPS trackers
• In-app database to certified, bonded recovery professionals
• Recovery agent portal
• Proactive alert system (notifications via email, SMS, in-app)

“The Advantage website is by far the best I have seen. In the past, I have used several of the others GPS companies. No comparison. Also, the pricing is competitive. Other companies stop by and offer to match pricing, but I say “no thank you”. The customer support I receive is very good, very responsive to anything I need.”

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Atlanta, GA

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Vehicle Analytics - Advantage Automotive Analytics
Interactive Dashboard

The Advantage interactive dashboard allows for high level and vehicle-specific, granular oversight of your automotive finance portfolio.

Predictive Analytics - Advantage Automotive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Advantage’s modern analytics includes predictive data that helps with STIP verification, identifies potential ride share violations, potential vehicle health issue and more.  

Locate Collateral On Demand - Advantage Automotive Analytics
Instant Vehicle Location

We provide a fast, on-demand GPS location feature as one of the tools available to help you manage risks and reduce costs.

Hardware Portfolio - Wired & Wireless - Advantage GPS
Flexible GPS Hardware

Our robust line of wired and wireless GPS products designed to fit your business model. Portfolio includes pay-as-you-go, VIN reader, unlimited connectivity (no airtime fees, no renewals) and plug-and-pay options.

Database to Certified, Bonded Recovery Specialist - Advantage GPS
Recovery Agent Database

Access a powerful resource of vetted recovery professionals around the world including a robust profile of their background, contact info, certs and more.

Rapid Recovery Portal

The Advantage smart repo workflow uses artificial intelligence to assist with rapid recoveries. Includes in-app assignments.