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Avoiding Repos Is Best, Mitigate Losses When You Must

Get Smart GPS Protection. Advantage Rapid Recovery Technology AND American Recovery Association (ARA), the World’s Largest Association of Certified, Trained Recovery Professionals, have Teamed Up to Provide the Ultimate in Portfolio Protection!

Recovery Tools for Smart Protection.

• Advantage Smart Repo Workflow uses artificial intelligence to assist with rapid recoveries
• Real-time monitoring
• In-App portal to ARA certified, bonded recovery professionals
• Recovery comparison quotes
• In-App repo assignments
• Recovery agent portal

“The website is very user friendly. Our recovery agents like the system when locating vehicles, it works very efficiently. The REVO devices are so easy and quick to install, saves time for other tasks. Our rep is very responsive, every time I call I get quick answers.”

Advantage GPS Customer
Colorado Springs, CO

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Dashboard 200x200 - Advantage GPS
Interactive Dashboard

The Advantage interactive dashboard allows for high level and vehicle-specific, granular oversight of your automotive finance portfolio.

Wired Evo Tracking - NABD - Advantage

Our robust line of wired GPS products, Evo, has been a mainstay of our business model for many years. Evo has been and remains the best value in the marketplace.

Revo Wireless Tracking - NABD - Advantage
Wireless Revo GPS

Wireless Revo GPS eliminates installation costs and failures, while providing all the data and analysis required to maximize portfolio profitability.

Database to Certified, Bonded Recovery Specialist - Advantage GPS
Recovery Agent Database

Access a powerful resource of vetted recovery professionals around the world including a robust profile of their background, contact info, certs and more.

Seamless Recovery Assignment - ARA - Advantage GPS
In-App Recovery Assignment

After selecting a certified, bonded recovery specialist, use in-app assignment feature.

Recovery App - ARA - Advantage GPS
Rapid Recovery Portal

The Advantage smart repo workflow uses artificial intelligence to assist with rapid recoveries.