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SmartStop Powered by 2.0 Technology

Revo 2.0 SmartStop, powered by 2.0 smart battery technology, is now the most powerful wireless, battery-powered GPS device on the market AND the most intelligent tracker on the street. SmartStop captures and records every stop the collateral makes, plus it includes a new Turbo Track feature that accelerates recoveries.


Revo 2.0 - Wireless GPS Tracking - Advantage GPS

Advanced 2.0
Wireless Tracking

Supercharged Battery - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Supercharged 2.0
Battery Pack

Revo 2.0 - Fast Activation - Advantage GPS

Activate in
< 10 Seconds

AI Predictive Analytics - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Interactive Dashboard - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Interactive Risk

STIP Verifications - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Geofences - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Custom Geofences
& Landmarks

Flexible Operating Modes - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Operating Modes

Tamper Alerts - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Drive Reports - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Monitors Stop Events - Advantage GPS

Monitors All
Stop Events

Rapid Repo Tools - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Rapid Repo

Database of Repo Agents - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

National List of
Certified Repo Agents

Turbo Track - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Turbo Track

Smart Power Management - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Smart Power

Eco-Friendly - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Battery Pack

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The industry average is for installation is around $55. With wireless Revo SmartStop you just activate, secure in vehicle, go!
2.0 Smart Battery TechnologyMost powerful battery technology available in the market.
Intelligent MonitoringPerfect for high-risk, short-term monitoring, SmartStop captures and records every stop the collateral makes.
Flexible Operating ModesRevo SmartStop tracks all stops throughout the lifetime of the unit. It provides:
- Unlimited repossession recovery modes

- During Repossession 7-day Recovery Mode with Turbo Track, device reports every stop and 2-minute intervals while in a moving trip

- Manual control capability of Recovery & Turbo Track Modes
Turbo TrackEnhanced monitoring feature designed to help accelerate vehicle recoveries.
Performance &

85% to 94%

99% to 100%

Enhanced monitoring feature designed to help accelerate vehicle recoveries.
Events GuaranteeSmartStop is backed by our Events Guarantee
Core Exchange programRecycle battery when the device reaches end of life and we'll give you a $15 credit towards your next purchase
Eco-friendly battery packBattery pack is eco-friendly.