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Is Your GPS Device Tamper Proof?

It’s a question we get often and for good reason. If your current GPS provider can’t give you real-time alerts for devices that have been improperly installed or potentially tampered with, then you’re being exposed to risk. At Advantage GPS, we built our solution from the ground up, enabling us to provide you with instant notifications so you can act fast. With our help, you can:

  • Stop customers from disappearing into the sunset with your collateral
  • Prevent the further loss of revenue and avoid the need to repossess
  • Stop wasting valuable time and money on wild goose chase recoveries
  • Take action before your vehicle is damaged or the device is destroyed

While this feature is built into our system and available to you 24/7, understanding what’s motivating customers to tamper with the device can actually help you prevent issues. Let’s break it down.

Why Buyers Tamper with GPS Devices
There are an infinite number of reasons why one or more of your customers might decide to go after your GPS device. While some motives might be nefarious in nature, there are times when it’s a product of fear or desperation. Here are just a handful of the top reasons for device tampering:

  • Unable to Make a Payment – Whether it’s been a tough month or there’s been a sudden job loss, it’s not unusual for people to panic and attempt evasive maneuvers. Keep a close eye on 30 and 60-day delinquencies to see if a customer starts tinkering with the device.
  •  Attempting to Evade Recovery – If the tampering doesn’t occur when a customer starts missing payments, you may see it when a situation escalates to recovery being the only option. Nobody wants to lose the car, so never underestimate the lengths people will go to avoid a repo.
  • Planning to Leave the Area/State – In rare circumstances, a buyer who has been making their payments may foresee issues or simply decide that they don’t want to pay anymore. Part of the grand plan might be to pull the device and quickly leave the city, even the state.
  • Worried About Their Privacy – While a buyer might agree to having the device in their vehicle out of desperation to secure financing, they may have concerns about their privacy that drive them to take matters into their own hands.

Easy Ways to Avoid Device Tampering
As you can see, there are legitimate reasons why a customer might tamper with a device. Avoiding this worst-case scenario requires clear communication before a buyer drives off the lot, as well as having a plan in place if they ever get behind in making their payments.

Explain Everything – It’s not always an easy conversation, but be up front about installing the GPS device and fully explain how/when it will be used. Knowing what it entails and who will have access can put their minds at ease that they’re not being “watched”. You can also communicate that Advantage GPS uses the most stringent security protocols to protect the confidentiality of all their data.

Provide an Out – Whether you specialize in auto financing for prime, sub or deep subprime customers, finances can change in an instant. You may look into offering customers any number of options such as changing the payment due date, refinancing the loan, differing payments, modifying the terms or length of the loan, making payment extensions and waiving late charges.

Potential Tampering - Advantage GPS

When all else fails, you can always rely on Advantage GPS to have your back. With real-time alerts for improperly installed or potentially tampered with devices, you’ll never be in the dark. Instead, you can take action to protect your collateral and your bottom line.

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