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‘Twas a Few Months Before Tax Season

‘Twas a few months before Tax Season, the dealership was quiet;
We needed more customers, or the employees would soon riot;
The cars were merchandised on the lot with care;
I knew BHPH customers would soon be here;
Our team wished they were home all snugged in their beds;
While visions of IRS Refund Checks danced in the heads;
I knew Tax Season was coming and there’d be no naps;
We’d need to protect our collateral, so I put on my thinking cap;
We needed a GPS provider that would rise above the clatter;
So, I scoured the Internet to find out what mattered;
We needed devices that were easy to install;
But we needed 4G service to make the call;
Artificial intelligence to assess our risks;
And 24-7 support in case we got in a fix;
Then, to my wondering eyes did appear;
An Advantage GPS rep with all of his gear;
He was dressed like a pro, tan slacks, logoed polo in black;
And he had samples in a bag flung on his back;
He demoed the dashboard and all that it bared;
He had positive reviews and testimonials he shared;
He had a big smile and he stayed for awhile
The team was impressed with his innovation and style,
I considered my options, I thought quite a lot;
But in the end, I signed up on the spot;
As he sprung to his car as my team gave a whistle;
Nick said he’d return with devices and training like a missile;
And I exclaimed, ’ere he drove out of sight —
“Happy Tax Season to all, and to all a good night.”

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