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Unlimited GPS Connectivity

Advantage GPS Debuts Industry’s First Unlimited Risk Mitigation Protection Solution
Advantage’s Evo UL is the first GPS solution that eliminates monthly airtime fees and device renewals

IRVINE, Calif. (August 23, 2022) — Advantage Automotive Analytics, a leader in modern data analytics and advanced, risk-mitigation solutions for vehicle finance professionals, today debuted Evo UL, an unprecedented, unlimited connectivity GPS risk-mitigation solution.

By employing the latest GPS hardware and applying sophisticated proprietary technology, Advantage is the first to market with unlimited connectivity service. Evo UL provides Buy here-pay here dealers and Subprime finance professionals the industry’s first-ever, unlimited connectivity GPS solution that monitors and protects automotive collateral with no contracts, recurring carrier fees, or renewal charges.

Evo UL is now a key element of Advantage’s wired collateral-protection portfolio that communicates via the 4G LTE platform and fully 5G-network compliant. Evo UL delivers essential data and analytics and provides more protection throughout the life of a loan and beyond — eliminating any and all recurring fees with one upfront payment. Benefits include:

• No monthly airtime fees — ever
• No renewal charges
• Unlimited device use and reuse
• Endless real-time monitoring
• Backup battery included

“We are first to market with this unlimited plan,” said Brian Tate, Advantage’s Director of Product Management, “and it’s a tribute to the vision and dedication of our senior leadership and our skilled product development team. Once again, our customers drove this innovation with their suggestions and requests.”

Evo UL allows users to more accurately control fixed operating costs, up front, because there are no additional charges or fees once a device is purchased. Users will never be burdened with loss of connectivity because of a failure to renew carrier fees.

Setting itself above and apart from its competitors, Evo UL gives its clients another major cost-reduction possibility.

“Since there are no monthly service fees nor renewals, users can incentivize their customers to return the devices when a finance contract ends, the vehicle is traded-in or reacquired by the finance company,” said Michelle Jackson, Vice President of Sales. “The devices can be used for multiple vehicles over time, and our user dashboard facilitates the process.”

Buy here-pay here dealers and finance company professionals have long-awaited a risk-mitigation platform with unlimited GPS connectivity. Skyrocketing inventory costs and increases in delinquencies and charge offs have made the deep subprime business ever-more challenging.

“It’s a solution that addresses marketplace demands at a time when GPS protection is more necessary than ever and cost-reduction is critical to profitability,” Jackson added.

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