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When Your Co-Workers Become Family ….

Values are the heart of our culture. This fall my family got the call we were all dreading. A family member’s illness had returned. Back in November my colleagues here at Procon Analytics family of companies offered their help and assistance during my family’s challenging times. During the month the entire Procon Analytics team took part in the Movember campaign to draw attention to men’s health and the plague of cancer. My colleagues and the company raised $3,800 for my family through donations.

Words truly cannot express the way their support has blessed our family during the month of November. It’s a humbling experience when you’re told someone in your family is the recipient of something so amazing and generous. I appreciate each and every one of my co-workers for participating, sending encouraging words and for their individual contributions.

What was extraordinary to me is the notes of support, kind words, thoughts, prayers, and actions they took to help my family member, who most have never met. It gives me great honor and pride to say I work for a company whose core values and ethics are shown so clearly through the actions of its team members!

Our core values is what sets PROCON ANALYTICS apart!

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My co-workers are part of the family now.

Michelle Goedkin - Advantage GPS

— Michelle Goedken


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