4G LTE FAQs | Advantage GPS


What is 4G LTE?

  • 4G LTE stands for “Fourth-Generation Long Term Evolution”.
  • You’ve probably heard the buzz around 4G LTE that wireless carriers have been promoting for a while now and for good reason.
  • It’s the most advanced mobile network available, primarily in terms of speed and the ability to transmit data such as vehicle locations and various analytics.
  • Our devices are 100% 4G LTE – since 2017.
  • Experts are saying that 4G LTE will power GPS devices for the next 10 years+.

Why did Advantage GPS switch to 4G LTE in 2017?

  • The 3G, EVDO and CDMA network have already begun to sunset.
  • 4G LTE networks provide expanded coverage and faster speeds that allow us to deliver stronger vehicle connections and more accurate data insights.
  • With our Evo and Revo 4G LTE devices, you’ll be able to quickly identify risks and take immediate action to protect your vehicle assets.
  • Because we have direct relationships with all the major carriers, we’re able to give you the most powerful technology without the premium price tag.
  • Rural areas are already begin to feel the degradation in service.

What will happen to my current devices?

  • Although the carriers have committed to supporting 3G, CDMA and EVDO technologies through 2021/2022, we all know what happened during the 2G sunset. Experts say to be cautious, the carriers are in a 5G race.
  • The sunset is already happening. This means soon you’ll experience areas of blackouts.
  • The advantage of switching to Evo or Revo 4G LTE products today is that you get the most advanced and powerful technology available today and long into the future.
  • Most GPS Providers are charging a premium price for it, we’re not.

How does 4G benefit me?

  • Our risk mitigation platform powered by 4G LTE gives you the advantage of having a true mobile broadband experience that’s up to 10x faster.
  • You also get all the benefits that come with of having Advantage GPS enterprise-grade technology including:
  • Expanded coverage throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada for stronger vehicle connections and more accurate data insights
  • Enhanced, carrier-grade security that protects sensitive customer data, keeps you in compliance and gives your car buyers peace of mind
  • Lower power consumption to extend device life, backup battery included
  • 4G will power IoT devices like GPS tracking units well into the future therefore, your assets are protected for 3, 5 and 6 year notes.

What’s different about the device?

  • There’s no change to the physical appearance of the product or how it gets installed. Although, we also launched a 4G LTE wire-free device call Revo which makes installation obsolete.
  • 4G gives you faster data transmission speeds and better network performance while requiring less power and extending the device life. For complete peace of mind, we also include a backup battery just in case.

What makes your devices and solution better than what I have?

  • We are on a mission to eliminate outdated technology.
  • Our solution is specifically designed for the vehicle finance market and was developed by the pioneers and innovators of automotive telematics, Procon Analytics.
  • Unlike other GPS providers, we in-source instead of outsourcing. The design and production of Advantage GPS hardware and software are kept in-house to ensure consistent quality in our supply chain.
  • We have specialized teams that work in sync to ensure that every aspect of our solution meets or exceeds your expectations.
  • Plus, we offer premium 4G LTE, without a premium price.

Does Advantage GPS work with all the Carriers?

  • The Advantage GPS solution works with all wireless carriers.
  • We have a close relationship with all the major carriers because our goal is to deliver the best quality device at the best price.

I heard there’s a 5G product coming out, is that true?

  • Yes, the wireless carriers are working on 5G.
  • We will be prepared for the next generation thanks to our scalable architecture that enables us to seamlessly evolve.
  • When the next wave of technology is released, we’ve got your back no matter what.

How much extra will I need to pay?

  • We are offering 4G LTE at no upcharge.
  • We have the lowest price available and devices that are ready to ship today.

Is Advantage GPS future proof?

  • Absolutely. The architecture of the entire Advantage GPS system, both hardware and software, is scalable.
  • Our system was designed and built to support 4G LTE technology today and provide a scalable solution that’s compatible with tomorrow’s advanced technologies, including 5G and beyond.

My GPS provider offers “locate on demand” – do you have that?

  • Yes, our solution provides you with a locate on demand button.
  • Unlike other GPS providers who include a heartbeat once a day or every 23-25 hours and then charge you for a locate on demand, our system provides automatic vehicle locates every time you log in. You’ll also see the last reported location of a vehicle.
  • Advantage GPS provides you with 5 minute locates, you’ll have more accurate data and real-time insights to help you mitigate risk. Because Advantage GPS devices report in at five-minute intervals during vehicle movement and we capture and display each location that a vehicle has stopped, you’ll have more accurate data and real-time insights to help you mitigate risk.

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