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About Us

At Advantage Automotive Analytics, we provide GPS technology and data mining innovations that help BHPH dealers and vehicle finance companies make informed business decisions quickly and easily. Our risk mitigation solution is specifically designed for the automotive lender market and was developed by Procon Analytics, a team of pioneers in automotive telematics.

Before founding Procon Analytics, our CEO Brian Boling and CTO Bill Cheney co-founded Connected Holdings in 2014, an Intelligent Services Platform company focused on IoT startups. They successfully incubated several connected car technology solutions that formed the foundation of Procon Analytics.

Today, our team of experts in technology, marketing, sales, and operations is building better, faster, and more effective solutions using an all-new IoT platform, eliminating obsolete technology. We serve over 4,000 automotive lenders and nearly 4M connections across the country and continue to evolve based on our clients’ needs, technological advancements, and economic and legislative trends.

At Advantage, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized service and support to our clients without any red tape. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you will receive the attention and expertise you deserve.

Experience where automotive telematics meets genuine analytics with Advantage Automotive Analytics.

Deep and Diverse Experience

Our leadership team brings decades of experience across the diverging worlds of automotive, telematics and the Internet of Things. We may be seasoned industry veterans, but we bring a fresh perspective and unquenchable thirst for innovation.

Powerful GPS Innovations - Advantage GPS

Powerful Innovative Tools

Developed by some of the most powerful automotive telematics and IoT minds in the country, Advantage is the first GPS tracking solution that brings advanced risk mitigation together with genuine analytics. And this is just the beginning.

Passionate Customer Service - Advantage GPS

Driven by Service

Our service is customer-driven and customer-focused. With dedicated sales and operations leaders, enhanced service tools, and reliable, 24/7 customer support – we’re ready to respond. Just tell us what you need. We’re happy to help.


David Meyer - President - Advantage GPS

David Meyer

Advantage GPS - Michelle Jackson

Michelle Jackson

Vice President of Sales
Hector Varela - Executive Sales - Advantage GPS

Hector Varela

Executive Sales Director
Ron Dubord - Field Service Director - Advantage Automotive Analytics

Ron DuBord

Field Service Director
Bryan Schwarz - VP Sales - Advantage GPS

Bryan Schwarz

Executive Sales Director
Brandon Horn - Executive Sales Director - Advantage GPS

Brandon Horn

Executive Sales Director
Melissa Frasher, Account Executive - Advantage GPS

Melissa Frasher

Executive Sales Director
Colt Hogan - Executive Sales - Advantage GPS

Colt Hogan

Executive Sales Director
Michelle Goedken, Director, Customer Accounts

Michelle Goedken

Director, Business Development
Tia Fries - Customer Account Manager - Advantage GPS

Tia Fries

Director of Customer Accounts
Corinna Tutor - VP Marketing - Advantage GPS

Corinna Tutor

VP, Marketing
Brian Tate - Director of Product Management - Advantage GPS

Brian Tate

Director, Product Management
Carlos Jimenez - Training Manager - Advantage GPS

Carlos Jimenez

Corporate Trainer