Moving Automotive Telematics
from Idea to Reality...

Advantage provides GPS technology and data mining innovations that empower BHPH dealers and vehicle finance companies to make smarter, faster and more profitable business decisions. Specifically designed for the automotive lender market, the Advantage risk mitigation solution was conceived by the pioneers of automotive telematics, Procon Analytics.

Prior to bringing the core Procon Analytics team together, Brian Boling, CEO and Bill Cheney, CTO co-founded Connected Holdings in the fourth quarter of 2014. An Intelligent Services Platform company focused on IoT startups, Connected Holdings successfully incubated several connected car technology solutions that ultimately became the foundation of Procon Analytics.

Now, Procon Analytics has attracted key technology, marketing, sales and operation executives that previously were part of the team that helped propel Procon GPS (later re-named Spireon in 2012) to market dominance in the automotive space over the past 10 years. With an all new IoT platform, today’s Procon Analytics team is building better, faster, more effective solutions.

Advantage serves nearly 500 automotive lenders with over 300,000+ connections across the country with more added each day. Our solution not only uses the most innovative connected technology, but we continue to evolve based on your needs, advancements in technology, as well as economic and legislative trends.

When you partner with Advantage, our promise to you is no red tape. You will always receive personalized service and support from our dedicated team of professionals.

Advantage GPS. Where automotive telematics meets genuine analytics.

Deep and Diverse Experience

Our leadership team brings decades of experience across the diverging worlds of automotive, telematics and the Internet of Things. We may be seasoned industry veterans, but we bring a fresh perspective and unquenchable thirst for innovation.

Powerful GPS Innovations - Advantage GPS

Powerful Innovative Tools

Developed by some of the most powerful automotive telematics and IoT minds in the country, Advantage is the first GPS tracking solution that brings advanced risk mitigation together with genuine analytics. And this is just the beginning.

Passionate Customer Service - Advantage GPS

Driven by Service

Our service is customer-driven and customer-focused. With dedicated sales and operations leaders, enhanced service tools, and reliable, 24/7 customer support – we’re ready to respond. Just tell us what you need. We’re happy to help.


Brendan Schwarz, Vice President of Sales - Advantage GPS


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