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Our out-of-the-box solution is a simple yet powerful risk mitigation designed for Buy Here Pay Here dealers that want to sell more cars with confidence. Manage inventory, verify STIPs, assess risks in real time and recover vehicles quickly.

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Advantage Plus

Advantage Plus enables vehicle finance companies to manage assets and dealers via the intuitive dashboard and real-time alerts delivered to your mobile device. Want a streamlined recourse process? That comes built-in.

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Advantage Enterprise

Our enterprise version is fully customizable using APIs that delivers all the bells, whistles and real-time analytics right into your collateral management system. Assess risks easily, manage assets efficiently and protect your bottom line.

Best Risk Mitigation Tool - Advantage GPS

Risk Mitigation, Realized

Managing risk requires the right mix of underwriting skills and intuitive technology. Meet Advantage Automotive Analytics, a powerful risk mitigation tool with real-time data and analytics for financing high-risk customers, worry-free.

Protect Your Assets - Advantage GPS

Millions of Reasons to Trust Us

Advantage Automotive Analytics is powered by Procon Analytics, the automotive telematics pioneers. With nearly 4M devices on the road today, Advantage GPS delivers proven quality and experience you can trust.

Real Time Risk Dashboard - Advantage GPS

AI-Infused Instant Intelligence

Automotive telematics meets actionable analytics. Advantage Automotive Analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize and group data into risk categories, then delivers actionable analytics via the dashboard.

Instant Locations - Advantage GPS
Accelerate Your Business

Advantage Automotive Analytics offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge vehicle tracking and asset management solutions for businesses of all sizes. At the heart of our offerings are our cutting-edge GPS tracking devices, which provide up-to-the-minute location data, enabling you to stay informed about your assets 24/7. Coupled with our robust software platform, you can effortlessly keep track of any concerning activities and leverage predictive analytics to prevent defaults from happening.

Furthermore, our systems are designed with ease-of-use in mind, making installation and utilization a breeze, so you can get started quickly and reap the benefits without delay.

Real-time GPS Tracking

More Advantages for BHPH &
Vehicle Finance Companies

Best Risk Mitigation Tool - Advantage GPS

Deeper Loans, High Confidence

As high-risk customers seek vehicle financing, dealers and finance companies are diving ever-deeper with loans. Go deep with confidence. Advantage GPS offers the most advanced, automotive risks analytics available. Our technology provides faster speeds, expanded coverage and right-time data to help clients protect their assets and keep more money in their pocket.

Recovery App for Repo Agent - Advantage GPS

Rapid Recovery Mitigates Losses

Our hardware and software platforms minimize losses with the help of artificial intelligence, real-time risk analytics, and a user-friendly interactive dashboard that sends you customizable alerts. With information in hand, you can quickly take action to mitigate losses from abandoned vehicles, impoundments, ride-sharing, and much more. Our platforms don’t stop there. We are partnered with the American Recovery Association that offers our clients a robust, rapid recovery, toolkit. When you’re alerted to these exceptions, you can seamlessly contract certified, bonded recovery agents.

Sell More Cars Confidently - Advantage GPS

Save More, Sell More

GPS vehicle tracking alone isn’t enough. Along with the most powerful and advanced 4G LTE technology, you need the right training, people and know-how to make that technology work for you. More than automotive telematics, Advantage GPS brings together the industry’s deepest experience and dedicated customer support. That’s the real advantage of partnering with us.

Your Key to Smart, Data-Driven Decisions

Our cutting-edge telematics and GPS tracking technology has evolved into a powerful analytics platform that generates crucial finance and collections data. With Advantage Automotive Analytics, you can make informed, real-time decisions that drive success.

With advanced automotive IoT technology, our risk-mitigation dashboard powered by AI, and real-time exception alerts, you’ll have the tools to stay ahead of the curve. Plus, our platform can monitor all your devices, regardless of brand, and you’ll have access to a dedicated team of customer service professionals to help you every step of the way.

Don’t just take our word for it – see the difference for yourself! Sign up for a free demo today and experience the Advantage Automotive Analytics advantage firsthand.

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