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Vehicle Finance GPS Tracking Solutions

GPS Tracking

BHPH Dealerships

BHPH dealers looking to grow their business can gain the upper hand with Advantage GPS, the latest evolution in risk mitigation. Advantage uses the most advanced GPS technology to deliver real-time analytics that helps dealers not only identify and protect themselves against risks upfront but also finance more subprime consumers confidently.
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Automotive Telematics

Franchise & Independent Dealers

In 2016, used car sales for franchise dealerships increased for the seventh year in a row. They also produced record profits due to shorter sales cycles, lower selling expenses and F&I income. With over 39 million used cars estimated to sell this year, Advantage is a powerful way for franchisees to securely expand their footprint.
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Collateral Management

Vehicle Finance Companies

Consumers in the U.S. racked up over $1 trillion in auto loan debt alone last year. According to Equifax, around 25% of the loans were subprime. With average car prices close to $20,000 paired with longer loan terms, serving the underserved is one way vehicle finance companies can expand their share. Advantage gives lenders the ability to manage and protect the collateral in real time.
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Increased Membership Value

Credit Unions

Data shows that families can increase their incomes by 25% or more if they have reliable transportation. Offering consumers auto loans can help credit unions extend membership value to customers that have less than perfect credit or no credit at all. Advantage enables credit unions to provide vehicle finance for subprime consumers with little to no risks.
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