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Evo UL – Unlimited Connectivity
No airtime fees. No renewals.

You asked. We listened.

Introducing the industry’s first unlimited real-time GPS tracker. Pay once, get continuous usage! Evo UL utilizes the 4G LTE platform and is fully 5G-network compliant. Evo UL includes a back-up battery, delivers essential data and analytics, and provides more protection throughout the life of a loan and beyond. Evo UL eliminates any and all recurring fees with one upfront payment. Benefits include:

  • No monthly airtime fees — ever
  • No renewal charges
  • Unlimited device usage
  • Continuous protection for term of note and beyond
  • Hassle-free device management
  • Backup battery included

Evo UL allows customers to accurately control fixed operating costs, up front, because there are no additional renewal charges or airtime fees once a device is purchased. Customers will never be burdened with loss of connectivity because of a failure to renew carrier fees.

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