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Revo Wireless Portfolio

Advantage has always been at the forefront of innovation in the GPS tracking industry, and our Revo wireless portfolio is the perfect example. Our third-generation extended battery technology builds upon the industry’s first wireless hardware platform that we introduced in 2019. The Revo portfolio integrates the most advanced IoT technology and intelligence, providing auto lenders with unparalleled performance and reliability.

We understand the importance of easy activation and covert design, and that’s why our Revo devices are slimmer, sleeker, water-resistant and can be activated in less than 10 seconds. Plus, with our wealth of data from tens of thousands of deployments and hundreds of millions of device interactions, we’re able to continuously improve and enhance our hardware and software technology.

At Advantage, we’re proud to have been the first to market with wireless GPS trackers, and our experience and expertise have made us the go-to choice for auto lenders across the country.

The Revo 3.0 Wireless Portfolio Includes:

Revo SmartStop - 3.0 Technology - Advantage Automotive Analytics

SmartStop 3000 & 5000 – the industry’s first, self-powered, real-time GPS

Revo 3000 – best seller backed by 3000 events — guaranteed

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Revo FeaturesSmartStop3000
Smart 3.0 Technologyincludedincluded
No Installation Required, Easier Activationincludedincluded
Discovery Mode: Gives a detailed history for the first 300 eventsincluded
SmartStop: Real-time reporting of all stops throughout the lifetime of the unitincluded
Standby Mode: Reports location and health 2x a day. Allows user to change to Recovery Modeincludedincluded
Repo Mode: Reports stop events.
Automatically changes to Stand by Mode (after 7 days) or SmartStop Mode as appropriate.
Turbo Track - Report 2-minute location intervals during recoveryincludedincluded
AI Predictive Analyticsincludedincluded
Interactive Dashboardincludedincluded
Intelligent Power Managementincludedincluded
Top Stopsincludedincluded
Tamper Alertincludedincluded
Supercharged 3.0 Battery Packincludedincluded
Battery Life Indicator includedincluded
Smaller, Sleeker Sizeincludedincluded
IP67 Water and Dust Resistantincludedincluded
Access to ARA's database of certified recovery specialistsincludedincluded
Events Guarantee includedincluded
Core exchange programincludedincluded