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A streaming platform that makes YOU money

Smart. A streaming risk mitigation platform that makes YOU money!

Let’s face it, over the past year many of us spent more time at home and became much more familiar with entertainment streaming platforms. There are some user interfaces that are just fantastic. For the most part, they are easy to use, update you on the latest and best shows and movies, and learn your preferences so you may interact with the platforms easier and faster. Others, well, not so much. It’s almost as if they were designed by people who only listen to radio or obviously don’t understand how human beings interact with technology.

When it comes to our Advantage Automotive Analytics platform and user-interface dashboard, we didn’t rely on IT professionals who may have been tech wizards but didn’t understand automotive retailing and financing. Finding the right developers with automotive expertise and having professionals steeped in the industry for decades oversee their efforts was paramount.

Over many months of initial development and now with years of practical experience, we have a robust automotive analytics dashboard that allows finance professionals to easily focus on risk areas of business performance and maximize portfolio value.

Dashboard on Tablet - Advantage GPS

Advantage has changed our expectations for tracking our vehicles! Their dashboard is by FAR the most user friendly and their devices are by FAR the most reliable! Everyone at Advantage goes above and beyond to help us recover our vehicles…they have really become an extension to our team.

Advantage GPS Customer
Arlington, Texas

Our goal was understanding our customer’s preferences and key performance indicators and provide them with a complete overview of their collateral and financial health, while also allowing them to effortlessly drill down and monitor granular information about each vehicle asset and finance contract.

As with any user interface dashboard, it should allow the user to customize it to their specific needs. Our “manage by exception” philosophy has been a key driver in our efforts. This brings “potential risky” accounts to the forefront and allows the user to see and address important issues first. By addressing and clearing out exceptions, it allows your staff to focus on the core activities in your business acquiring inventory, reconditioning, sales, financing, compliance, and operations.

We’ve incorporated “smart technology and artificial intelligence” into our platform to assist retailers and finance companies with identification of contracts by risk category, notifying users with geofence and potential device tampering alerts. In short our platform delivers the highest-quality, most useful real-time data your business needs to operate at peak performance.

We have used Advantage GPS for a couple of years and have had nothing but EXCELLENT customer service!!! The tracking dashboard is very user friendly and a wonderful tool that is helpful. The device is easily installed, and the product holds up over time. We have recommended and referred several other companies to Advantage and will continue to do so.

Advantage Customer
St. Louis, MO

Information at your fingertips includes:

  • Real-time portfolio health monitoring
  • Rapid recovery portal
  • Instant impound lot notifications
  • Customized geofences
  • Access entire device portfolio regardless of brand
  • Automated renewal notifications
  • Monitor analytics on computer and/or mobile app

When you tune into your favorite streaming app, you want to know that it’s learned your preferences and provides you information about what you may want to watch in the future. That’s why we provide predictive analytics on our dashboard that warns you of problems that may occur in the future. Based on the data collected from the vehicle, you will be alerted to vehicles that may be used for ride sharing. Potential tamper alerts notify you that your client may be trying to skip or hide information from you.

Easy to Use - Mobile App - Advantage GPS

Finally, we’ve tried to provide you all this information in an aesthetically pleasing format that is easy on the eye, intuitive, and that makes it easier to gather information quickly and make decisions faster.


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